Letter to the Board

Dear Literary Canon Board of Directors, I am writing this letter because I believe that the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling should be considered a classic.

The first reason I believe the Harry Potter series should be included in the literary canon is it shows how important friendship is. for example: Hermione is the responsible, book smart friend that tries her best to keep Harry and Ron out of trouble but also helps them when they need it most. No matter how much trouble she gets into for helping them, she always sticks by their side. Ron has been by Harry’s side since they met in year one on the Hogwart’s Express. He stuck up for him, helped him, and supports him no matter what. They’ve had their fights but they always make up and become best friends again.

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No matter how much danger Harry is in Ron has always helped him, meaning Ron has put himself in danger for Harry. Ron has always stuck by Harry’s side no matter what. Harry is like a danger magnet, and no matter what Ron and Hermione are there for him for everything. Ron and Hermione barely get into dangerous trouble, but when they do Harry does what he can to help them. He’s thankful that they have stuck by his side for so long and he does what he can to repay them, he’s there emotionally when they need it and physically.

The second reason is because It shows that you should never let any rude comment get to you or bother you. n year one right before they go into the dinning hall to get sorted into their houses, Draco Malfoy approaches Harry and tries to convince him to not be friends with Ron and instead be friends with him, he refers to Ron as the “wrong sort”. Harry declines Draco’s friendship by saying “I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself, thank you.” Draco gives him a rude look and walks away. When he (Draco) referred to Ron as the “wrong sort” it didn’t bother Ron because he didn’t let it.

After the incident in the beginning Draco and his two other friends don’t leave Harry and his friends alone. He always chooses to pick on Harry about his parents or how he’s famous and “can’t go anywhere without making the front page” (year 2.) in year two when Harry goes to Diagon Alley to get his books and things he needs Gilderoy Lockhart is doing a signing of his book and sees Harry there and pulls him up to take a picture for the front page. Harry let’s Draco’s little comment roll of his back. When Hermione says something to Draco he tells her not to talk to him and refers to her as “a filthy mudblood” which is a rather rude term used for muggle (non magic folk) born students. At first she’s a bit upset about it but Hagrid (game keeper) makes her feel better and after that every time Draco says that to her she lets it go and doesn’t let it bother her.

The final reason is because it makes you realize you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. In year one when Hagrid appears to come get Harry to take him to go shopping for things he’ll need he breaks down the door to cabin the Dursley’s and Harry are staying in which freaks them all out. Which I understand, I’d be freaked out if an 8 foot giant broke down my door in the middle of a stormy night. Hagrid then walks in and picks up the door and says “sorry bout that” and then bends the gun that Vernon brings down and is pretty nice after that..

He seems mean and creepy at first but really has a big heart. on the train to Hogwart’s Hermione seems rude and acts as if she’s a know-it-all. And she continues to act like that fro a good portion of the first year but then she lightens up a bit which makes them become friends. So at first Hermione is rude, or seems to be, but then Harry and Ron get to know her a bit more and she isn’t rude as they thought. Everyone thought Snape was a bad guy, that he was a supporter of the Dark Lord, which he was, but he acts like he hates Harry.

The plot twist happens in years 7, Snape is killed by Lord Voldemort and as he is dying Harry talks to him and Snape sheds a few tears and tells Harry to take them. Harry then takes them back to Dumbledoor’s office and puts them in the dish and sticks his head in and after watching it we see that Snape was actually protecting Harry for all those years and that he actually cared and loved Harry. So in the beginning we think Snape is bad because he wears all black and is creepy and sneaky but in the end we find out that he’s a good guy. As you can see, Harry Potter is deserving of the literary canon becauseit teaches so many important things including these things. Maybe if more people read this then there would be less bullying and more friendships.

I hope that you will consider this choice for the literary cannon. Thank you very much.