Mukwonago Board Removes Fiction Books From Schools

The Mukwonago School Board is issuing all fiction books be removed from classrooms and replaced with nonfiction books starting September 11, 2017. The reasoning behind this is believed to be because they feel the need for students to improve being able to solve real-world problems instead of fantasies.

All language arts teachers received an email Monday stating this very subject. They made a point that said, “we have data to support that students are reading little, if any nonfiction.” The Mukwonago Board stated that all six through eighth graders are now supposed to start reading only nonfiction material and any fiction books that were in classrooms would be replaced, effective immediately. In room 39, confusion and anger erupted from all students like a volcano, one even heard saying, “they can’t just take our books away!” Many wondered how this was true, based on how many language arts teachers already purchased books for their classroom, most to all relating to the topics of tales and fantasies. As the story is still unfolding, students are still faced with the problem of the risk of losing their precious fiction books.

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