School Takes Away Fiction Books

Today at 8:20 it was a regular morning in Ms. Sholtes’s language arts classroom. As the students were working, Ms.

Sholtes announced that she had gotten an email from the school board saying that all sixth through eighth graders are banned from reading fiction books. Ms.Sholtes came to each row and collected all the class’s fiction books. The classroom library, filled with tons of fiction books will all need to be taken out. As Ms. Sholtes read the email she explained, the board is enforcing this rule so kids can be exposed to the lives of real people and real problems.

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While all the students were shocked with this drastic change, the reporter talked to a fellow classmate Kai said, “I was very surprised when the school board made this decision because it will take away students’ interests in reading.” For many students, it is difficult for them to find a book they actually enjoy reading. It would be even harder for them if they didn’t have as many options. The students pondered on what possibly they should read next. Although, kids need to be exposed to historical figures, they have many lessons in social studies where they learn exactly that.

Students should be able to read about real events but also made up topics. By banning fiction books, it takes away students freedom in decision making. Decision making is a key skill that kids will need to know when they’re adults. Basic tasks such as having kids choose their own books is helping them learn that. Students will miss out on many opportunities if they don’t have the freedom to read fiction books.