Shocking School Board Decision

Disappointment crossed the faces of many middle school students earlier this week as they heard that they will no longer be able to read fiction books at school. The school board sent out a detailed email explaining their reasoning on banning fiction books from classrooms. The school board was led to believe that students are reading “little to none” non fiction books. The email stated “They need to be exposed to the lives of real people from history who perservered and solved real problems.

” Of course the students were very shocked by this statement. Multiple of them even volunteered to fight for their right to read fiction. Students didn’t know what they would do without their books. A victim of this situation said “We are being forced to read books that we do not want to read.” The students were ecstatic with this decision, they thought it was very unfair. Unfortunately, they knew that the school board had made their final decision and they wouldn’t be able to change their minds.

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Providentially, the teacher announced that the email was fake. This situation made the students realize how much they cared about their books. Whether they like reading or not. Cherish your books!