No More Fiction

All fiction books are taken away from english class because of school board decision. All 7th and 8th grade students are not allowed to read fiction, only nonfiction. Since kids don’t already read enough as the school and the district wants the students wants them to this change will bring the amount of reading down, the test scores down, and some will even bring their A.

C.T’s down. So because of no one is reading enough. The school board says that students need to be able to solve real world problems not how to solve magic, dragons,and futuristic society’s problems. Within one week all fiction books will be taken and stored, in case of future use. Many kids are mad about this change, but some are happy because that’s what they like to read.

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Most kids think that this is fake and don’t believe that this is happening. “I am mad” says a student about the book, most kids agree. A lot of kids have to stop and restart a new book. Kids can read whatever they want outside of school but is highly recommended to read nonfiction no matter where they are. Although this change maybe temporary because of lack of reading, kids are only allowed to read non fiction as of now. Many kids are saying that they are going to try to get this changed.

If you are a PVMS student or teacher and you don’t like this change go to the office and find out what you can do to get this back to the way it was before this change.