Construction at Mukwonago High School

Recently many students have seen the progress of the construction happening at the Mukwonago High School. This construction has been happening since the summer of 2016. So far construction workers have made a new bus system in the parking lot, staff parking lot, a new gym and are working on inside renovations.

Some of the other renovations will be a bigger cafeteria, a bigger auditorium, a field house, 2nd floor fixes and bigger student parking lots. Many staff and students have wanted a bigger cafe because some students eat as early as 10:15. Having a larger cafe will mean there will be less lunch periods and the times for lunches will be more reasonable. The high school has many plays a year and has multiple musical performances, the only downfall is that the auditorium has limited seating. With the new auditorium it allows more people to see the performances and there will be more comfortable seats. The new stage in the auditorium will have many more effects such as lights, music, sound effects, and there will be more accessibility lie stairs and ramps.

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The field house will be very helpful to after school sports such as track, cross country, football, baseball and much more. The fieldhouse will be able to hold all sports equipment and necessities for many sports. The high school has many students and limited room, so some of the second floor renovations include larger classrooms, more hallway space, additional staircases and hopefully more classrooms. In the parking lot there have been many accidents and issues because of not having enough space to park and because so many students leave at the same time. The parking lot does not have a proper entrance and exit which causes so many accidents. Many students have said they are very excited for all the upgrades because it will benefit their learning and help them in the future.

These new upgrades will tremendously help students with their four years of high school. All the new resources will help kids have a decent lunch time, and make performances better for the performers and audience. Also, the fieldhouse will help with after school sports, classes and being on time, and making driving to and from school much better. Most people cannot wait for all the renovations and upgrades students will get to experience a better learning facility.