My Letter to the Literary Canon

Dear Literary Canon Board of Directors, I am writing this letter because I believe the Harry Potter series should be included in the literary canon. Its an amazing series and is one of the biggest sellers. Please consider this letter. The first reason I believe the Harry Potter series should be included in the literary canon is because of the adventurous trips.

They have tons! Such as them sneaking out of their rooms after curfew to find an ogre an end up battling it! They also sneak out of Hogwarts itself and go in the woods to find a HUGE spider. They have to go on the run from Voldemort and go through many different climates to get there. The second reason is because it has death defying acts such as three men literally defying death. These men were destined to drown but didn’t. instead of punishing these men death awarded them. he gave them each very valuable items.

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Another example of death defying acts is Harry Potter died during a courageous battle but afterwords he was brought back to life. Series Black had his soul leave his body but then come back to it after Harry protected him The final reason is because of the courageous battles there were. One of the main battles was Harry potter against Voldemort, there were many more battle between these two but they always find a way to grab your attention. another was when Seris Black had turned into a werewolf to protect Harry, Hermoine, and Ron from Professor Lupin as a werewolf. They’re are many battles that happens in this series but the one that stands out the most is at the end, When everyone from this book series comes to the aid of Hogwarts and Harry Potter himself.

As you can see, Harry Potters series is deserving of the literary canon because these books are Adventurous, Daring, and most of all Courageous. I hope that you will consider this choice for the literary canon. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Caleb I.