Why This Should Be Included in the Literary Canon

Dear Literary Canon Board of Directors, I am writing this because I think “Confessions of A Murder Suspect” should be included in the literary canon.

The first reason I believe “Confessions of A Murder Suspect” should be included in the literary canon because the characters are investigative (Tandy Angel),artistic (Harrison Angel), strong (Hugo Angel) and famous (Mathew Angel). The second reason is because this book has mystery in it. It wants you to try and figure it out. It taunts you. You want to figure out who killed who and why,it makes you want to know everything. The final reason is because it makes you question it.

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You think why would they do this? What was the purpose? Why would they think it benefited them? You want to question it until you find out the answer. As you can see “Confessions of A Murder Suspect” is deserving of the literary canon because it makes you want to figure out the mystery.It makes you feel like you are there trying to figure everything out.It makes you feel like the characters are counting on you for support. Sincerely, Skylow J.