Works of literature often feature characters whose pride or selfishness creates problems. In this composition, Harry Potter a very well known fictional character will be an example of pride and selfishness. The seven books in the Harry Potter series are a set of very well written books by a familiar author by the name of J.K. Rowling. The series contains some of the most amazing books ever written.

These well crafted books open up a world of magic and imagination and mystical creatures that tie together the wizarding world. Harry Potter is about a boy whose parents die when he was a baby. He is left with his horrible Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon and their rotten son Dudley who raise him in terrible conditions. Harry Potter is a wizard and as soon as he is of age he gets a letter from Hogwarts the school of magic. While at Hogwarts, Harry befriends two classmates and a friendly giant named Hagrid who is gamekeeper of Hogwarts. The two classmates Hermione and Ron go on many adventures with Harry to save Hogwarts from his great foe Voldemort.

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Of course, the great hero Harry Potter cannot be selfish or proud, but it depends on the point of view. Many view Harry as a great hero battle for good trying to defeat Voldemort. However, Harry is very proud about this. He feels it is no one else’s responsibility and therefore he is reluctant to ask for help. This always puts him in danger when he tries to act alone and it puts him in danger and makes all who care about him worry. Harry can be seen as selfish as well.

Harry wants to kill Voldemort for no other reason than vengeance. It sometimes can get lost in translation but, all of Harry’s motives are derived from his parents. If Voldemort had not killed his parents none of this would exist. This is a very selfish act for Harry, it is also a very hidden part of J. K.

Rowlings book. Many do not realize the fact that Harry wants to kill Voldemort simply for the revenge of his parent’s death Over the years harry becomes very experienced as a wizard through his battles. He learns new spells and information about his past, present and future deeds and misfortunes that give him much wisdom. Harry discovers new information the tragic story of his parent’s death. The fact that Voldemort is the reason for Harry growing up an orphan is what compels Harry to fight the most powerful dark wizard the world has known.