Letter to Jon Krakauer

Dear Jon Krakauer, My name is Kyle, I am a 12th grade student who currently attends high school in Wisconsin. I am writing to you about your very popular book Into The Wild.

In my English class last year, my class and I read this story and it really made me think a lot about my life and how much this book really affected me in real life. This book showed me that in the world, there is so much more out there than the little towns we all grew up in and were raised. It made me also really consider that not everyone wants the tradition life that we all grow up expecting. What I mean, is that there is so many different options in the world and so many things in the worlds people can do, besides go to the route of 4 years of college and then start a family. Mostly it made me realize that in the world, that so many things can happen but, what’s truly important is how happy you are.

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While reading this book, I also was able to take a look at myself as well. It really made me think about my relationship with my parents. This really made me think how there are moments when I really am conflicted about our relationship, but in the end I realize that I do have it a lot better than most kids out there. It also made me think about what’s really out there. I began to find myself thinking about a place where I can go to find my bliss and peace.

This book is meaningful to me simply because of the truth of the story. The tale and story of Chris McCandless and how he lived his life. It made me really think about how much he and his family went through, above all, what they must still be going through. It made me really appreciate and realize how important companionship and family really is to me. Family is something that can’t be replaced and should be held important above everything.

I read this book almost a year ago and it still makes me think about what I am doing every day. It really made me consider that family is super important and should be treated as such. It made me realize that if you want anything, you must earn it and work hard for it. I know this story has affected me because I now like to make sure I earn everything I have. The parts with Chris’ parents made me really care about my relationship with mine.

I would say in the end, I know this book has affected me because I am taking the time to write this letter. Thanks for reading, Kyle