My Year

On my first day of school I was nervous but excited at the same time because I was going into school a junior and going in getting closer and closer to being a senior. I came too school this year starting off fresh, doing all my work, going too school, not going in late, and get atleast all b’s.

I set high expectations for myself this year, this year is probably the most important year. I mean colleges start really paying attention too you and your work. So I came too school this year with a positive attitude. No playing around and cut all the unnecessary things out, I don’t want anymore added stress. Im hoping to have a good year. Before I know it im going to be a senior, im excited for it! Im going to start looking at colleges so I can apply next year and already know what too expect.

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School so far has been really good, I just have to pull up some of my grades, which I know I can do. One thing I need to work on is doing all my homework. Homework is a really big problem for me because I always either forget it or I always have a lot of homework for other classes that I have to do. I need to learn how to balance everything out. School can be really stressful though, but I can pull through it. My hopes for this year is to pass everything and that I don’t have to take any classes next year and like I said hopefully get b’s but atleast get c’s.

This year we also has the SAT’s which I hope I do good on. I don’t think im ready for them. I just want this year and next year too fly by. This year I like my teachers, well most of them atleast, their really nice and easy going. They give a lot of good advice and they compromise sometimes. But this is only the beginning of my junior year and luckily its going good, but theirs more too come.

I just hope its as good as it seems and I don’t fall back from everybody else and I follow my expectations and go through with them.