Goals of an Average 15-Year-Old

Clap! Go the chalkboard erasers. Smack! Goes the ruler on the student’s desk. These are sounds I hope to be hearing soon.

After I graduate from college,I would like to become an elementary school teacher. To achieve this long term goal, I must graduate from high school (preferably with a full I.B. diploma), graduate form Fresno State University with a master’s degree in education, and work in a child care facility to build up my experience. Though it will be a long journey, I am willing to take the ricks needed to become an elementary school teacher. The first step to completing my goal is to graduate from high school in 2015 with a full international baccalaureate (I.

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B.) diploma. To succeed in this, I must do many things. I will have to take as many honors and I.B.

classes as I can. while still getting good grades(in those classes).Studying as much as I can will also be a big factor in success. I.B. classes require studying-unless I want to fall behind and fail assignments! Doing homework, again, is a big piece.

Doing homework means reviewing things for tests. Reviewing things for tests means A+ and good grades! Participating in class means-at minimum-I will get a participation grade.So, all in all, doing homework, studying and participating in class discussions will help me achieve my short term goal of graduating high school. Though graduating from college is another matter, altogether! My next goal that I must achieve before I become a teacher is to graduate college. By graduating college, I will be able to construct a strong foundation on which I can build my career.Knowledge is power and power is control.

Which means I can control the little munchkins when it all hits the fan. I’ll have to study hard. College is the real deal, and if I don’t do it right the first time, I wont have time to go back and do it again. Six to Eight years of homework, participating in class and studying will pay off in the end because I’ll have gained the knowledge I need to support a classroom full of little dreamers. College is my second goal that I will need to accomplish before I can become an elementary school teacher. Graduating high school and college are big things, but they are nothing compared to gaining experience.

To be able to look good on a job application I’ll need to work or volunteer in a child care facility. There, I will learn the ropes for my dream job.While taking online courses , I want to have a part time job working with kids,Maybe I’ll start my own little childcare business. In doing so I will cause my leadership skills to kick in.After I gain some experience, I will definitely be ready to fill out a job application and become a teacher. After graduating both high school and college and gaining experience, I will be on my way to becoming an elementary school teacher.Though that is not my only goal, it is one goal that I will constantly be working on for the rest of my years in any sort of educating system.