One of my two goals for my community service is to feed the homeless.

My second community service goal is to donate many things to the people that need it. One of my extracurricular goals is to be in varsity softball this year. My second extracurricular goal is to be in varsity volleyball next year. I am going to pass my PSAT’s with a high score. I am also going to pass my EOC exam.

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Feeding the homeless is one of my community service goals, I want to help them out because if I was in a situation like that I would want for people to feed me at a shelter. I am thankful for what I have and I would like to share my caring to people that need it. Feeding the homeless would teach me a very good lesson for me not to take things for granite. I am going to donate new things to people who need it the most. I want to do that because I want them to feel like there are people that can really help them out there. My parents have always raised me to be a good kind person and to give without expecting to receive anything in return.

I think it will feel good to give things to people who really need it. One of my extracurricular activities is to be in the Varsity Softball team. I am going to practice very hard in order for me to get a position on the varsity team. I am very excited to be in this sport because it is a lot of fun! I hope I get my position as second baseman on the varsity softball team. Making it on the varsity volleyball team next year is my other goal. I am going to show the coaches what I can do in order for me to be in the varsity team.

I am going to push myself to very hard because I really want a position on the varsity team. I hope that next year is very fun and exciting because I really want to enjoy my junior year. I am going to pass my PSAT test with a very high score. I will study a lot so that when it comes to testing it will be very easy for me to answer the questions. I will also practice taking it so that I can get used to the type of questions that there will be on the test. Passing this test with a high score will make me have a better chance on getting more scholarships.

Taking the EOC exam is another goal. It is very important that we pass it because it determines if we go to the next grade level. I will have to study and study in order for me to pass it. Even if it means that I have to give up fun activities just to study for the EOC exam. Hopefully I pass the test to go onto the eleventh grade. I am going to accomplish these goals no matter what.

I want to make myself very proud because helping others is a good thing.