The Goals/Ambitions of English Class

Though I may have many goals for the future, my present goals are focused on my academics. Three of my pedantic goals are specifically centered on developing dialogues between characters, composing well structured and detailed essays, and earning a high evaluation for English class. It is necessary for people to have goals because as clinical psychologist, Fitzburg Dodson, said, “Without goals and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.” What Dodson meant is that if people didn’t have goals they’re as lost as a traveler without a compass.

On the contrary, if people had goals then they know what direction they want to travel on in life. My first goal for English is to be adept at writing well constructed and detailed compositions, namely essays. To do so requires concentration, organization, development, clear use of language, etc. Still, writing an essay requires outside assistance, for instance an English teacher. The first step I would take is to inquire of my teacher what she is looking for in a well written essay and listen to her advice on how to make it better . Second I would examine my own writing to see if there any errors, in particular grammar and spelling mistakes, run on sentences, or incomplete thought.

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Another present goal that I wish to accomplish in English is to improve on character dialogues in my writing. I hope to be able to use the English language to create a realistic, everyday conservation on paper. One step that I can take to improve this literary aspect is to study the dialogues in books to see how published works are written. I can learn from professional authors what kind of literary tools are needed to fashion life-like conversations. Another step would be to consult my English teacher on how I could improve on my writing to make it down-to-earth.

By engaging in the world of reading and writing I can improve this skill. My final short term goal is to receive evidence at the end of the semester that I have been excelling in English. I hope to acquire a satisfactory evaluation in English by preparing well for my classes and keeping track of my work. In fact, one way that I can do this is by taking excellent notes in class by listening to my teacher and writing down what she says. The second way that I can obtain a good grade is by doing well on exams that I can accomplish by studying well. In addition to this I can drill myself before tests with the help of my teacher and/or family members.

In other words, I concentrate on my studies and pay attention in class and therefore become a good student. In conclusion, through hard work, dedication, and intelligence, my short term goals are accessible to be accomplished. With this in mind, the completed goals will lead to a series of positive effects in my life. One effect is that at the end of the year my English skills will have improved and I will be ready to move on to the next grade. Also, with polished literary skills I will be able to gain high scores on exams and as a result will be accepted into a prestigious college.

As a result of this I will be able to collect the knowledge I need to move into the world and begin a career. In the long term with the right amount of effect and knowledge, a goal turns into an achievement.