Essay about your goals – Medical essay

TitleWhich of my goals will include having medicals before or after?Here I explain my goals in life and how I will need medical checks for each. I detail the medicals that people will need if they too wish to follow in my footsteps and achieve the goals I am planning to achieve. I have also included advice on medicals for people wishing to try/follow my goals for themselves.

Goal – I wish to be a small plane pilotMy goal is to become a small plane pilot that is able to fly a single or double engine plane. I am hoping I will have time to gain enough qualifications so I can fly abroad and so I can fly above the cloud line. People will need aviation medicalsIf you are taking flight training or flying solo, then it is highly recommended that you take an aviation medical, as it will help you avoid any disappointment from not being able to meet the health or fitness level requirements. It is also, usually, a factor when getting insurance.Some people will work out a lot harder before their exam in order to help their results, but if you exercise strenuously anywhere between one hour and twenty four hours before your aviation medical, then it may affect the results negatively.

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Goal – I wish to have childrenMy goal and/or hope is to have a daughter. I always liked the idea of having a daughter because at the most she can create life only one per year, whereas a son could sire a whole brood of children in just one weekend. Children and Adolescent Health medicals are neededStop childhood diseases in their tracks with child and adolescent medicals. The number of deaths through childhood diseases has skyrocketed since parents stopped inoculating their children. Childhood inoculations have been proven, repeatedly, to be safe, with reports of them causing autism being disproved conclusively. Yet, there are still parents that do not inoculate their children, which has caused the spread of some very deadly childhood diseases.

Child and adolescent medicals can help screen your child for disease and help prevent disease at the same time.Goal – I wish to try divingI would like to try diving in oceans and ponds in Australia, hopefully somewhere near Melbourne. Diving medicals are needed if people wish to go diving in Australia You should try not to arrive too tired. Some people travel a long way to get to a health clinic in Melbourne, so it may be a good idea to sleep during the journey or arrive the day before your examination. Large quantities of alcohol will affect your results–even if you consumed the alcohol 48 hours ago.

Try not to work out too strenuously around 24 hours before your test because it may affect your diving medical’s test results in a negative way.Conclusion There are several other goals I have in my life, but only the ones listed in my essay will need medical checks in order to achieve them. I do feel that if people are going to follow my goals and do as I do, they should take the advice I have given in my essay and should take the appropriate medicals to ensure they are safe and their children are safe.