Change management and communication plan

Change Management Plan Riordan Manufacturing, a global plastics manufacturer employing more than 500 mployees, Is a great example of an organization planning some management changes. At Riordan, a team has been established to make a change to the company’s customer management system. Current Power Structures ; Employee Behavior The current power structure for this company is designated through the organizational chart.

This chart let employees know the correct chain of command to deal with issues of any kind.

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The employees have not stated that any problem have arises from it. AS the plant use to handle problems internally, this might cause conflict among employees. By having others know that a manager and employees relationship of any kind can exist, it might show favoritism or over looking someone for a new position or project. According to Tom Spears (2010), he suggests that: “Informal (political) structure, like a gas, fills the gap between the formal power structure and way things actually get done.

And It’s usually a big gap. unlike the formal power structure, the political structure Is not necessarily obvious. For example, if there’s no formal dress code, you learn that jeans are only acceptable on Friday by observation or asking. ” Employees cannot be put in a general category as each has its own characteristics and personality. Different things stand out in different employees. Where one employee might lack in something another might excel to make up the difference.

Although it is intuitively attractive to argue that large spans might lead to higher employee performance because they provide more distant supervision and more opportunity for personal Initiative, the research falls to support this Judge, 2011) Most Appropriate Organizational Structure for Riordan ; Its Effects The most appropriate structure for this organization would be epartmentalization. This hits on every department that Riordan manufacturing has. management would have their own department or be embedded within an already formed department.

Some of the effect that would happen would deal with habit, security, and fear of the unknown. When many companies deal with changes after many years, those who have been there might feel as if the changes make their Job worse than what is it.

Some others would be group inertia, limited focus of change, or threat to expertise. Employees might feel that the changes will affect the Job skill evels they have and with outsource or downgrade them to a position that would be underneath what they know.

Riordan’s Culture & Potential Sources of Resistance to Change Riordan Manufacturing has seen a consistent drop in employee satisfaction over the last 12 months and the increase of voluntary separations has doubled in the past year in every department. These numbers are increase and employee will changes jobs over the next 12 months. Some will be move up to management and other will get a high position because of the work they do for the company.

One thing that Riordan’s needs to realize that they have to make sure that there have different cultures working for the company and holding different position.

With having different cultures within the companies this will make the companies be able to service the community better. Riordan’s is a company that is looking to serve everyone but, if they do not have that diversity in the company they will not be able to relate with the customers. Strategies to Manage Resistance to Change & Strategies to Implement the Changes Changes happen every day in companies and they have to be ready for them. Companies have to know their employees and how they feel about everything that is going on in the companies. The management and upper CEO need to know what will be a good change and a bad change.

Before any changes are many in companies they need to ask the employees about that they feel need to be different. Head people have to remember they own the company but their employees help keep it going as so their input is very important. We know changes can help a company as well as help them. With Riordan has to do the same thing they have to make sure hen they are getting ready to make changes that it is for the good of the company. No companies want their company to go out of business because they made the wrong changes. Changes need to be made slower over a period of time.

If changes are made to fast it could help the company. The strategies that need to be taking place is talk with your employees let them know that over the next couple of months that come changes will be made. If you get your employees involved this will help the changes go over smoothly. If your employees are aware of what is going on than our customer will be able to handle the changes. Communication Plan essential matter that is needed in every relationship. At Riordan Manufacturing, a change to the company ‘s customer management system has been assigned toa team t to implement the change.

However, in order for the team and Riordan’s management to successfully implement the change, proper communication channels or methods must be selected or chosen . The most appropriate channels to communicate the change to Riordan ‘s employees are: 1) Company Employee Meetings (All) 2) Company’s Intranet 3) Company E-mail Notices ) Departmental Meetings (All stakeholders or departments involved in the implantation of the change) To inform Riodan ‘s 500 plus employees, company meetings, intranet, and emails are appropriate because they are convenient and the easiest way to communicate to large number of employees.

To better inform all the main stakeholders involved in the implementation of the change, departmental meetings is a great way to ensure employee s’ clear understanding of the change and active involvement. Some potential barriers to effective communication include company IT or technical problems that can delay company communications ut this can be avoided if Riordan ‘s IT department is on top of its IT issues.