Classroom Management Plan

Running head: Management Plan Problem Prevention Plan Liberty University Dawn Whaley Running head: Management Plan A classroom management plan is an essential part of every classroom.

Students need to be in an environment that promotes respect for everyone so that the students can feel comfortable when they make mistakes. A good management plan sets the expectations for the school year. The focus of my management plan is on preventing problems by keeping the students actively engaged in the lessons being presented.

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Having a good classroom management plan is the foundation for learning, without it the students would not be able to learn. I am currently teaching second grade so this is a summary of what I do in my classroom. I begin each first day of school by guiding the students to come up with classroom rules as a class.

I already have in mind what rules I want; however, I believe that the students should feel involved in the workings of the classroom. We talk about using an inside voice, raising your hand and waiting to be called on, keeping your hands and feet to yourself and using nice words.

I also introduce the behavior chart that looks like a stop light. Most students are already familiar with green, yellow, and red and I address what each means. Green is great day, yellow means needs reminders, and red means needs improvement.

Our school has a program that is school wide that rewards positive behavior. The students get pink slips when they are demonstrating good behavior which can be used in our Bobcat Store. The teacher also picks the best of the Bobcats and they are rewarded every nine weeks with cupcakes and a movie.

Each school year I spend a lot of time developing the classroom procedures. I want to be consistent with my students.

I feel this helps the students stay organized and they know what I expect as far as transitions to other subjects or even within a lesson. I allow the students to come up with the consequence for behavior on the first day of school. Of course I already have in mind what they should be and I guide them to the consequences that I think are appropriate. I have my classroom arranged so Running head: Management Plan that all students are facing the board.

I like to have the students in rows but we do push the desks together when they work in groups.

My classroom is colorful and decorated with student work. In conclusion I believe that classroom management is essential to an environment where learning can take place. I want my students to feel safe so that they are willing to participate. I think that a teacher should set high expectations, have a good rapport, and encourage the students to succeed. The curriculum should also be interesting to the students.

I think a good management plan will help reduce behavior problems from the beginning of the school year.