Channel Encoder

The Internet will fundamentally change the way that companies do business through Its ability to enable people to conduct low-cost, one-to-one customer Interactions with rich content. ” “In 1993 Dell was not able to cope with Increased complexity as it expanded”. What are some communication considerations Dell would have needed in view of achieving success with their customers? What communication difficulties could Dell have faced? Your answer must identify the variables in the communication process and the role perception plays as a potential airier to effective communication.

Communication defined the process by which Information Is transmitted and understood between two or more people. Perception is the process through which people receive, organize and interpret information from the environment and acts as a filter through which all communication passes as it travels from one person to the next. Communication is an interpersonal process of sending and receiving symbols with messages attached to them.

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Dell is facing the problem how to achieve an effective and efficient communication.

How the communication process working? Sender who is responsible for encoding a message, the message is sent through a communication channel to a receiver, who then decodes or interprets Its meaning and then feedbacks send back to sender. Noise or barriers are often occurred during the communication process. In 1993 Dell was not able to cope with increased complexity as It expanded, because of lack of senior managers lead the poor performance to the company and set about recruiting many senior managers from within the IT Industry.

Another communication difficulty for Dell Is the Internet business.

The communication barriers which including poor choice of channels, poor written or oral expression, failure to recognize nonverbal signals, cultural differences, physical distractions are occurred. Communication will be effective only the sender express the clearly and understandable message to the receiver. Dell mainly use written channels via e-mail to communication, the problem with e-mail Is can be easily misunderstood.

It takes practice and hard work to express one’s Intentions will n the space of an e-mail message. Nonverbal communication such as facial expressions, body posture, eye contact, they are useful for managers to understand and analysis what the message receivers are thinking.

The potential problems increase due to use of text messaging, computer networking and decrease the rate of communication effectiveness. Dell is the international computer and also promotes their business on line global wise, so they face the difficulty of cultural differences.

Customers from foreign country might not Like the products you design, the way you remote your products and barriers between two different languages. Physical distractions can interfere with communication effectiveness, such as telephone interruptions, drop-in visitors, and lack of privacy. Be a successful manager of Dell need to avoid or at least minimize the physical distractions. Communication can be improved and barriers to communication removed through active listening, using appropriate body language, providing constructive feedback, use of appropriate channels Ana renting Deck Ana paraphrasing.

Variables of communication: Sender/Receiver Message Channel Encoder/Decoder Feedback Noise/Barriers Context Fields of Experience/Perception Cross cultural Computer mediated communication, Email-medium of choose Problem of the Email Poor medium for communicating emotions Reduces politeness and respect Poor medium for ambiguous, complex and novel situations Contributes to information overload In effective communication the intended meaning is fully understood by the receiver,efficient communication occurs at minimum cost.

Communication barriers: Foreign language, text message, poor choice of channel(pathway or medium), poor written or oral expression,physical distractions,status effects(criticize boos) The communication process? Improving communication? Active listening, constructive feedback Conflict? The direct model was based on direct selling- with no retail channel or reseller.