Child Poverty in the U.S.

There are 16.

4 million families that are living Poverty in the United States. ( some children that are born into Poverty do not even make it to birth and or infancy. It’s sad to see babies and children go so soon.

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They did not have an opportunity to make it in the real world and have a chance to experience what you and I have got a chance to experience. Parents that where raised in Child Poverty they will most likely raise their kids like they were raised. Kids that are raised in Poverty they do not have the nicest clothes and shoes on. Their Parents might have difficulties paying bills and they have days where they might not have any food, Air Conditioning, and or no lights, because they are being raised on a little to no income. Some of your Classmates that you go to school with might be going through some of those problems and we just make fun of them and bully them.

But we don’t know what is really going on at home. Children in the United States are being judged for all of the wrong reasons.Some States should try to help families that are in need more. In the State of Indiana there is a card called an EBT card that helps families that need help with food and it allows them to buy food and all they need is the card so they can buy food for their families. The money that they would have used for food they can use it for their other expenses like bill and clothes.

So many families that live in Poverty they are struggling every month and it’s something new every month rather it is sitting in the dark cold with no light or sitting there with no food. Upper-class families probably have never had to reach the point of that. Deprived children don’t only have problems at home they have problems at school to.Deprived Kids that have a low self-esteem they do not do well in school which leads to more High School drop outs. When Students decide to drop out of High school they don’t have diplomas so they can get a better job than working at a Fast Food Restaurant.

Deprived children have a “GPA of 1.7 or lower “. ( Children at school they get bullied because they are not doing well in School. When Children get bullied it makes them feel powerless and lonely and it makes them feel like nobody loves them and or like them in the world.

They think about how their life would be better if they weren’t in the world and most of the time they kill themselves because they don’t feel like any one loves them .Children that are not deprived they take stuff for granted .Things that you and I get to do. The unfortunate children don’t get to because of shortness of money. We are luck you have the money that we have because if the money that we have now was ever taken away. You and I would not know how to survive.

Because we are so use to having everything handed to us that we wouldn’t to know what to do when it is gone.Children In the United States are being judge for all of the wrong reasons .Some People think that deprived Children are the same as you and I. But they really aren’t they don’t get to come to school with Brand New Shoes on every mouth .But we have money that we can Spend hundreds of dollars on shoes and clothes. Where deprived kids they have maybe two pair of shoes that they get for one year.

Improvised Children they don’t get what they want every time they step foot into a store. Like me if I ask for something in the store I most of the time I get what I want when I ask for it. People like you and I we take the stuff that we do for granted. We are used to having stuff right there at hand. But what we don’t realize is that those things can be taken away in the snap of a finger.