Poverty is an oppressive necessity, a situation where ones’ income is less than their expense. People living in poverty have insufficient resources.

In extreme cases, they lack the principal wants, food, clothes and shelter. People do not believe this but poverty kills. In what way does it kill? You may ask. The research has shown that the death rate in the areas attacked by poverty is higher than the areas that poverty is not prime. Many leaders are ignorant of the issue they tend to ignore and some even argue that it cannot be eradicated; there can never be equitable distribution of wealth. The economy we live in today is one of the rich getting richer and those that are destitute continue to suffer.

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Some are ignorant and say it is not their problem that the deprived are not working hard to get out of their situation (Balkin 19). In this country, the major cause of poverty is the lack of formal education. Most of people, who have not perused education due to different circumstances, are most likely to end up living in poverty. The other reason that causes poverty is the economic trends, when the economy of the country goes down, people end up suffering and poverty increases. The sad thing about this is that, the poverty cost is high because the funds never go to the poor but to the middle class (Haugen 44).

People can solve the problem if they unite and support each other to wipe out poverty in the communities. The principal thing we should do is to ensure that the government allocates funds to the needy by use of the right protocol. One of the methods used to fulfill this is by supporting the emerging organizations to provide a lending hand to the poor. This society isolates the people who live in poverty. People feel ashamed to become associated with them because they give them names that are not pleasant and ignore them. This is the reason they why they isolate themselves from the rest of the population.

People with good lifestyle stigmatize and view them as mental ill people or crooks. They society perceives them as people with odd behaviors, drug dealers, lazy and even prostitutes. These minorities do not recognize the meaning of fortune in life. Neglecting them makes the situation pathetic as we fail to be of importance to them through stigmatization. The public should unite and associate with them to make this world a better place (Lister 158). Research has it that the death rate of the people living in poverty increases every year because of stigmatization.

Lack of the basic amenities contributes to this factor as they cause the families to have illness, get poor performance in school and places of work. The poor live a bitter life as in most cases they cannot afford to go to the hospital, and eventually they die. This is not their fault, and there is no need for them to face victimization because of it. My goal is to live in a society that poverty does not exist to uphold on standards in life that everyone can be able to sustain themselves with the necessities. This can be an educative school activity, where the students, teachers and parents can come together for a good cause.

For this reason, I am organizing a 3-on 3-basketball tournament in the school in order to raise funds. This basketball game applies the same rules and guidelines as 5-on-5 basketball game. The difference is in the players, their numbers, and the use of the court. In 3-on-3, the players use a half court instead of the whole court; this ensures that the players remain committed to the game. This game lasts for around thirty minutes and a basket scores one point. It is an entertaining game and involves lots of energy.

In return, it will be of immense help to carry out the activity in the school and help to raise funds. Basketball has lots of funs and cheering squads who can raise a reasonable amount to assist the poor. Through such contributions, people would not experience waste because apart from helping they take part in cheering and get entertained at the same time. Basketball is the best game for this; it will improve the personalities of the players as they learn to give and share instead of working to gt something. They will learn that life is not only about winning and losing but also sharing your abilities to help others. This event will also be educative because in between the tournaments, there will be a short presentation on poverty and its effects.

This will assist to shed some light and give a clue to the public to get the logic behind the funds collection. The funds we collect will go various organizations that help to eradicate poverty in Poultney. Poultney is a small town in Hampton, New York city that has half of its population living under the poverty line. The people from such regions are mostly unemployed and have no place of getting resources. “Poultney Food Shelf” is an organization that is non-profitable that aspires to help those who live in that town.

In this case, we apply brilliant ideas on how we can raise funds and donate to the organization. The organization managed honestly, and one can be sure that the contribution became of great use. The main aim of such organization is not to fight only hunger but also eradicate poverty. “Poultney Food Shelf” is an organization that is aware that no human can live without nutrition, from this they provide food relief that provides those who live in poverty. They have opened this opportunity to the members of the public so as they can offer their support in any way they can. Many food shelves serve over eighty six thousand people in need of this precious commodity.

They are able to fight hunger with the support of individuals, for every dollar they earn they are able to provide six decent meals for individuals in need. Apart from the food shelves, they have after school program, meal site and senior’s center. Being as cheap as a dollar, people can make a significant difference in boosting such programs. There is no excuse why one can let people die with an excuse that poverty cannot end. Maybe we cannot help all the people at the same time but put an effort or help one at a time is what counts.I found out that this organization exhibits perfection in its program, which people can learn from and emulate.

Instead of people complaining about the poor people, they should do something about it. They are fighting death through hunger this is an excellent example to people to follow their footsteps. The organization aims at giving and not gaining. This organization requires support for showing such positive initiatives. Food and love they get from the organization will give the poor energy and strength to face life without fear or feeling down casted. Students should start to give back to the community; they should learn to share and to help their country.

What is a better way than to fight poverty? This event will bring students to understand how poverty can affect the lives of those living under it. I hope that this will be a revelation and students will appreciate the fact that they are in school and make them focus on their studies. Clearly, the whole school will benefit, and this would be a chance for institutions and society to be grateful and appreciate what they have. My aim is to make this event a disclosure and create awareness about poverty. The school can use this opportunity to advertise about the activities they run in school.

From this, they will not miss people to access their information. It does not matter how well it performs or how many publication it has, there is nothing like exhaustion of market. It is always advantageous to advertise yourself and do promotional activities to announce the achievements and any new changes that you may be having or planning to get. This will give the school a positive review and in the end, the school will have new students. The tournament will be in a form of advertisement too, and since this is a charity event, the budget is not high, so the school can manage.

This activity will benefit various fields and academic areas in the school. The sports group especially the basketball team will benefit. They will get a chance to play friendly short matches with different teams. This will gauge them and see where they need improvement. It also provides an opporrtunity to learn of their weakness and strengths and see how other teams are doing. It would be an advantage as we prepare for the competitions to plan the game strategies from there.

Another field that will benefit is those taking sociology. This is the study of how people interact within a society, a study of human group behavior. It involves people who want to explore to the other parts of the world to investigate about poverty and how those affected by poverty live, behave and socialize. It will be like a field study, a chance to understand the society they live in how poverty affects it (Spencer 34). Those studying it will learn how the society is helping the poor to become rich and to be in depended. They will also learn the impact of poverty in the society and how the society reacts to the poor.

They will also learn how the society gives to the poor, their behavior when asked to give, if they feel obliged to give. This will be a fair chance to see how different classes in the society act or interact with each other. They can find out the causes of poverty and the solution to it. The appropriate way to solve any problem is by investigating the cause. Those doing sociology can do this and create findings that can help not only those living in Poultney but the whole country. They can also learn what leaders are doing to fight poverty in the nation.

Those studying mass media can also benefit from this. They can use this opportunity to highlight the magnitude of poverty and the impact it has. They will have an opportunity to interview people and come up with findings on poor people and poverty. They can interview people and find out how they perceive poverty and what they plan to do about it. Mass media students can also create awareness by telling people of the fundraiser game to be held in the school. They can write articles on how the activity will be the challenges and the success we will get.

Mass media can work hand in hand with the basketball team to make this event a successful one. In conclusion, it is good when people support each other during such events. People with good lifestyles should think of others still who struggle to put meals on the table and those dying just because they have nothing to feed. It is a high time we stop ignorance and assist the poor as they live in the same country as we do. Change has to come from within us, let’s not dream of a poverty-eradicated nation but let’s make that a reality. We start with ourselves then along the way, we influence others to join us.

We need to put in mind that people did not wish to be born in poor conditions and to live with no hope of tomorrow. This calls for cooperation among the people in the society to give a helping hand and avoid stigmatizing them. The little effort shown to them is of much help. I would also like to thank the “Poultney Food Shelf” for this opportunity and their efforts. All those who will participate to make this functional a success cannot be rewarded enough for their endless effort.

“Poultney Food Shelf” for such a marvelous job they are doing deserves thumbs up. We may never fight poverty one hundred percent in the community, but being ignorant about it is even worse. If we start now maybe some time later in the future social class gap will reduce, and poverty will be outdated. The selfish way of living, letting those who are poor die in poverty and those who are rich continue to enrich to the end. Let this be a generation of difference, action and togetherness. For the tournament, I expect a large turn up and a large number of cheering squad.

Let’s give those who are poor a chance instead of associating them with shoddy activities like drugs, theft, crime, prostitution and madness. They are just as humans as the rest of the people. Isolating them like animals or making them feel as if they are lesser humans than the rest of us are not helping anyone. I hope this event will be the birth of the many to come in the future, where we will find an organization, institution or community coming together in unison to help the needy. I am hoping that this will assist the poor struggling with life.