Poverty and Hunger

Poverty and hunger are the main enemies to humanity existence. The two factors are intertwined.

Unfortunately, they are the key social problem that is facing many nations in the world today. Poverty and hunger is high in most developing countries. There are various causes of poverty and hunger. However, these causes can be solved to minimize the rate at which poverty and hunger is devouring people in the world. To help you understand this acute issue well, Brown and Jane are engaged in a dialogue about the causes and solutions to global poverty and hunger. (Brown and Jane are sited under a tree.

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They seem to be engaged in serious converstion) Brown: Hi, Jane, do you know that the main problem affecting most individuals in the globe today is poverty and hunger. In fact, most developing countries are the culprits of this phenomenon. Normally, where there is poverty, there is hunger. It is common to find that people who are poor are the ones who suffer from hunger and are highly dependent on international aid.Jane: in deed, yes, most people in the world are languishing from the social problem of poverty and hunger. Brown: As you know, poverty is mainly associated with human related problems.

In my opinion, I believe that poverty is mmainly caused by unequal distribution of resources in the global economy. For your information, most people are disadvantaged in their setting in terms of distribution of natural resources. Moreover, various governments in the world do not have mechanisms to ensure that there is equal distribution of resources. Some individuals are not involved in division of “national cake”. In most developing countries where poverty is prevalent, governments share national resources unevenly (Higgins, 1990).

They prefer to develop some areas omitting others in development campaigns. This results in poverty as people residing in such areas do have capacity to practice agriculture or any form of economic gain.