Common Problem of Poverty

Jane: I concur with your argument although this problem can be solved. I believe that everyone has ability to make use of available resources and ensure that one crosses the poverty line. Government should only facilitate resources utilization. Otherwise, in every setting, residents have a capacity to make their living from the environment.

Thus, citizens should not only depend on the government to provide for them a living. We should use our locally available resources to make a living (Armartya, 1981). Unless in places where there are extreme weather conditions, uneven distribution should not be used as a reason for living in poverty. Brown: That is true!. However, overpopulation has been another cause of poverty and hunger in many nations.

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Overpopulation is caused by ignorance. People do not take any family planning methods in order to have children who they can take care of. Most hunger stricken areas across the globe are highly populated. People struggle to share limited resources that are not enough for all (Pamela, 2000). For instance, people are not able to get enough food, clothing, settlement, sanitation among other human basic needs.

Jane: As you havesaid, problem of over population can be solved by educating people on family planning methods. They should be enlightened on basic education such as the importance of having small manageable family. Moreover, concerned governments should ensure that health care facilitates are available where they can access counseling and medical facilities. On the same, the government should strife to ensure that overpopulated areas are given more land to share.Brown: We seem to agree that we have a common problem of poverty. However, the global economy is rising day by day leading to high standards of living and increased in the cost of living.

Don’t you believe that this is contributing to poverty and hunger in many nations? People are unable to create wealth as they work only for food and leave nothing to save. Jane: My dear, no one is exempted in the global economic escalation. Essentially, standards of living have gone high. People are struggling to feed at the same time save. Nevertheless, I believe there is a remedy for everything.

Global markets and exchange rates such as fall in value of dollar have been associated with this occurrence (Stephen, 2005). Thus, governments should come with mechannisms to regulate exports and imports. Moreover, internal economy of a given state should be strengthened to ensure that its publics are not highly affected. (As Brown stands up and starts to make some movements) Brown: Okey Jane, we have been talking for long. But before we part, I cannot forget to touch on the issue of environmental degradation as another cause of poverty and hunger.

Notably, we cannot blame the government for this. We are the main perpetrators of environmental degradation such as deforestation, emission of harmful gases from our industries among other activities (Steven, 1994). Surprisingly, we tend to ignore and argue that it is not our duty to conserve the environment.Jane: You have said it all. We should stop cutting down trees, emitting gases in our environment as well as throwing litters everywhere.

Once this is done, we will be able to experience rain regularly as well as have favorable environmental conditions. This will help to reduce poverty and as a result increase food supply. (Both Jane and Brown starts moving from where they were sitting towards their personal cars waving each other goodbye)