Child Working Behavior

Frustration and the culture of the people in the areas could have attributed to the complicity behavior and also to the child working behavior. The difference in the social life of individual’s really matter in many occasions. The children in the areas under study have conformed to the cultural behaviors of the people.

The inherited norms are passed from parents to children either naturally or acquired through learning and it’s from my view that the children have learned this complicity traits from the parents who may be had been doing this work as children themselves, these can be seen in both works. For example in the story by Ursa LeGuin’s the adolescents sometimes go to see there fellows working home weeping or raging but there also go to work and sometimes don’t get back home. Its is said in the story that sometimes older men and women in the city of Omelas stay for days without something to eat and for having something, there also go to the streets to look for jobs to work though underpaid. On the other side the rich in the society have never wanted the poor to reduce the gap that is between them and due to this several companies for example the Foxconn company has the interests in maximizing there profits and not caring for the poor in the society. It’s evident from the article that Foxconn Company gets a lot of profits but it’s not in a position of increasing the wages and salaries of the employees, the conditions of working is not also a point to note for the employer, the safety of the workers is far most what there don’t care for.

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For example, in the Foxconn company, explosions has been several but there haven’t cared about mitigating the problem; the aluminum dust explosion and the last explosion that caused the death of Mr.Lai meant nothing to the and by the way the went on compensating the deceased families with very little money like Mr.Lai was compensated with only $150,000 to take care of the burial. Its from this that I conclude that the small children working I the firms cannot make changes to the employment status but to just conform and comply with the treatment there are being shown because the employers have no interest on the life or welfare of the staff rather than maximizing profits and becoming richer. The status of the people in both settings also contributes to the complicity to the harsh conditions being offered because its from this work here can make change in there lives and also to feed on so the fear of informing the relevant bodies there harsh treatment remains a personal affair for the fear of loosing there jobs. Furthermore, the child labor in the city and in china as of the story and article respectively will not end that soon because the children go to work so as be able to increase the family in come so that it could be able to meet the family needs since the parents income is small.