Choosing a Career

Tim Tyrell-Smith established the site where he places the information about how to be successful in the career choice and job strategy. In his article, “How to choose a career that’s best for you”, that was published December 6, 2010, he describes the main concepts that should guide people in choosing the career. He points out that it is a very important decision in your life and before making your choice you should answer following questions: What are your talents? What is your work style? Where do you like to work? Do you enjoy social interaction? Are you looking to give back? Those answers will guide you to your career choice.

The article represents the information that could help for the job seeker at the beginning of his career. The thoughts of Tim Tyrell-Smyth cover the important aspects of the career choice. The provided description is short, but gives to the reader almost everything that he need. The guidance explains not only the preferable items like the amount of money and schedule at work. It also tries to show the other sides of the job that relates to the ability to work in social groups or have as a benefit the opportunity to serve for the interests of people who need help.

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During the career choice, it is important to know how much time do you want to spend on your family and how much time are you willing to dedicate to your work. Some jobs are required to be prepared to work in stress conditions. The article highlights importance of this element of the work. If you want to work with the responsible projects and on the high positions, you have to be able to work under the pressure. The author of the article did not forgive to mention that your first choice of the work place does not mean that you will stay there forever. “In today’s workplace, choosing a career doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stick with that line of work for your entire life.

Make a smart decision, and plan to re-evaluate down the line based on your long-term objectives” (Tyrell-Smith, 2010). In general, the article covers all aspects of the career choice. However, the article does not say that people about the importance of thinking about their career choice while they are studying in college or even in school, as this motivate them to choose the university, sport path, art career, etc. Making the conclusion, the article is a good short guidance to read for people who stay in front of the career choice.