My Career

One of my goals that I’m going to write about is getting a good career. The career that I want to write about is being a lawyer. Enable to be a lawyer I need to be focus more on school instead of drama. I need to get better grades, pay attention in class, participate, do and turn in all work, and have a better attitude toward people.

First I need to finish school and go to college to get my degree. In order to finish school and go to college I have to have good grades and a positive attitude. I want to be a lawyer because I want to help people with their situations and keep them out of jail. I also need to lead myself in the right direction to stay in the right path. If I became a lawyer I would have a big nice house and a good education for my kids to become something in life as they grow up too. So make sure you stay in the right path and be a leader NOT a follower as you grow up. By: Valencia Jones

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