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“How to find a job in Canada: Common problems and effective Solutions, Canadian New Comer Series”, is one of the most useful books that can be used to enhance people’s or individuals’ career search. The book was published in 2008 by Oxford University Press. The authors of the book are Dale Sproule and Efic Cheinis. The book deals with all aspects of hunting for a job for the newcomers, whose expectations in the Canadian job search and the job market are in most cases unrealistic.

The book is essential because it presents an insight to newcomers on how they can find a job upon their arrival to Canada and even before arriving. Thus, it provides the newcomers not only to be capable of understanding the Canadian job markets, but also advices them on the best career paths they should choose that could enable them easily land a job in Canada. The book offers the new immigrants with thorough and proper learning in order to be capable to provide for their families and further prosper in a new country (Capone, et al,2009). IntroductionThis is the most relevant and essential book for career search, because it has job leads, which are the most vital components of successfully searching for new jobs by job seekers. The tendency by job seekers to search for job information is made easier through this book, which has many sources of career and job leads.

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These are arranged into a list of hierarchy, which is the most efficient and effective. The use of this book enables me to choose the best career and job opportunities. This will make job seekers to be capable of getting the highest and largest job leads that are of high quality. The book also lists various types of job fairs and career fairs that are regularly conducted and thus gives job seekers a good opportunity to become exposed and make sound decisions regarding their career paths (Ludlow, et al, 2010). Methodology The importance of this book is depicted in its ability to infform the reader the benefits of attending the career and job fairs.

It is through them (the career and job fairs) that one gets a chance in meeting the various company employees, who have been sent to meet and recruit potential prospects. The book is essential in individuals’ career path since it entails information on making preparations before hand and identifying potential employers, who are in attendance. It is through the identification of the potential employers that one can be able to ascertain the employers, who are directly related to the career and know facts regarding the employment terms like the remuneration and other work conditions (Kidd, 2006). From internet sources, it was revealed that 4000 readers liked the book as a major source of seeking for information on how to seek for jobs. Data Collection MethodsThe methods used for collection of data were the use of questionnaires which were filled indicating how job searchers got information concerning the jobs they wanted.