The Right Career

There are thousands of fields in this universe. So, a human has a lot of options to choose from. Now a lot of people ask questions that what is the right field for us to choose. Now the answer is simple and clear and that is that the right field for a person is the field for which he has a lot of passion, talent, intelligence, and especially interest.

Many people in this world choose fields especially to earn a lot of money and then they start hard working for that specific field to earn a degree with great GPA but that is not true because people should gain the knowledge and as much knowledge as they can and when you do that then it means that you have completed your field means you have done the right thing. Majority of the people in this world choose the fields of doctors, engineers, and lawyers just to earn a lot of money and that is all. But they don’t know that they are spoiling their future and their intelligence. Many parents also tell their children to choose the fields of doctor, engineer or lawyer etc. Don’t they ask their children about their passion and what they want to be? what the like the most? There are many successful people in this world that have shocked the world with their ideas and concepts. The reason behind their success and intelligence was a just a simple reason and that was their interest, they followed the field for which they had a lot of interest.

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Big examples are Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur etc. They were the people who shocked the world by their talent, winning Noble Prize and discovering theories. Einstein made a theory of relativity and told the world about the outer space. A great theoretical Physicist and a really intelligent person who also determined the dimensions of space when there was no advancement in technology. Similarly, Newton also a great physicist is the most popular scientist by discovering laws of gravitation and his books.

Louis Pasteur a great microbiologist ever in the history of biology discovered the germ theory and much more. They were people who didn’t care about society whatever they said. They just did what they loved. These were the past examples now the present examples of great scientist include Stephen Hawking great cosmologist, Susskind, Bill Gates, Macchio Kaku and many others. These are the people who have claimed the heights of success.

We can also be one of the greats if just find our specific talent and passion. Just sit silent and ask your self that what you want to be? what is the purpose of your life? what is your passion? and then you will find your talent and field. A lot of otherfield other than doctors, engineers are pilots, biologist, chemist, astronomer, marine biologist etc. Always set high targets. The targets which people say that is impossible and then apply you’re full hard working abilities, your capabilities, your capabilities that the world, your parents, your society don’t know that you have.

Show the world how genius you are and then the world’s gonna know your name. This whole can be possible by just one thing and that is following your talent. It is the only key to the door of the heights of success.