Christianity Vs. Islam

Shelby Carlson Mrs. Fleig English II P.

2 30 August 2012 Christianity Vs. Islam Thesis: Both Islamic and Christianity are important religions which guide the lives of their followers and believers. I. Compare and contrasting the history A. Islam- Saudi Arabia, Prophet Muhammad B.

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Christianity- Israel, Teachings of Jesus Christ C. Founders very daring II. Compare and contrasting scripture A. Islam has the Holy Qur’an B. Christianity has the Bible C.

Both go through life based on the teachings in the book III. Compare and contrasting in Beliefs A. Islam- Allah, Holy books, Predestination B. Christianity- One God, denominations C. Both believe their God is almighty .

Both Islamic and Christianity are important religions which guide the lives of their followers and their believers. Both achieve in setting standards for the lives of their followers however the beliefs of their teachings are what differ greatly between the two religions. The Islamic religion was started in 622 in Saudi Arabia by the travel of the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina. Muhammad had around 100 followers who made the Hijra with him to Medina. In 624, Life in Medina became difficult and Muhammad had to make difficult decisions and in 628 he invaded Mecca with ten thousand men and made it the center of Islam.

Christianity was founded in 30 A.D. by Jesus Christ, a Jew. At that time, the emperor of Rome was the ruler and the Jews hated Roman rule. Jesus traveled through villages and taught in synagogues, upsetting the Romans.

Both Islamic and Christianity had very daring founders who fought for what they truly believed in. Without them, these religions wouldn’t be the same they are today. In the Islamic religion, they base their teachings off of the Holy Qur’an. It states what their moral and social behavior should be along with their laws and commandments. The Qur’an is written in Arabic, the main language of the Islamic religion.

The Christians base their teachings off of the Bible, the Old and New Testaments, and the Ten Commandments. The Bible is a guide to help Christians live their life’s to the fullest and how to be the best they can be. Both Scriptures both possess similar qualities such as consisting of narratives and poetry and having similar characters/stories. Although most subjects discussed in the books are different, they have some similar characteristics and the Muslims actually look to the Bible for guidance after reading their main holy book beforehand. The Islam’s have very strong beliefs, including Allah, or God, the Day of Judgement, and the Belief in Predestination.

According to the Islam’s, nothing can compare to Allah and he is the one and only God. He is the “Creator, Preserver, and Nourisher.” Judgement day is the day the Prophet decides who will go to Heaven and Hell. Their belief in predestination is that God gives them their freedom. They believe that he knows everything that has happened and that will happen.

Muslims also believe in the Five Pillars and they must pray five times a day, always facing towards Mecca. Christians only believe in one god, which they call God. They consider him to be very fair and holy. They pray whenever they feel the need to but they generally do a lot of praying on Sundays in church. Both religions believe that their God is almighty and the creator of everything. They also both believe in angels and devils.

Overall, the Islamic and Christian religion has been around for thousands of years and has been influencing our people very strongly. Muslims and Christians have similar but different qualities in a lot of aspects of their religion but more specifically on their history, their scripture, and their beliefs. These religions have guided many people’s life’s and helped influence the decision of mortals as they fulfill their lives on Earth. Works Cited Allah: The one and only God. N.

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