World Religion: Islam and Hinduism

Religion is defined as an organized system of beliefs,ceremonies,and rulers used to worship a god or group of gods.Religions have many similarities and many differences.I will be comparing the religions of Islam and Hinduism. The prophet Muhammad started Islam.

He spread the message of Islam in the modern Middle-East.Muslims worship in a mosque.Their book of worship is the Quran.They also believe Jesus is an important prophet.Islam has two groups Shiites and Sunnis.Islam is also the #2 largest religion in the world with 1.

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3 billion followers. My other religion is Hinduism.It was not suddenly started in evolved from the Aryan religion.Hindus belive in Kharma and Dharma.Dharma are chores are jobs.Kharma is what you get when you do your dharma or dont do your dharma.

Hinduism also split into four groups saivism,Shaktism,Vaishnavism, and Smartism.There are 1 billion Hindus. As you can see the religions of Islam and Hinduism have many similarities and differences.I think the main similarity between the religions is they both spread through trade and travel.I think the main difference between the religions is Hindus believe in many gods Muslims believe in one god.Even with all the differences, the majority of religions want you to be a good person and be kind and forgiving.