Hinduism Free Essay Sample

Hinduism is one of the five major religions. With over one billion followers, it is one of the most widespread religions in the world.

Hinduism has many different foundational beliefs. Some of those include the caste system and Dharma. Although this does not mean everyone accepts these beliefs. But, there are some beliefs that every hindu can agree on. First of all, Hinduism was founded thousands of years ago on the indian sub-continent. Hinduism takes the title of being the main religion in India and Nepal.

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It is also a large religion in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Pakistan. The beliefs is where it gets a little complicated. The belief that all hindus accept is that Brahman is the holy eternal god. He is the only one hindus see as their god. The other “smaller gods” are just seen as other figures as Brahman.

Hindus also believe in something called reincarnation. This is a cycle of death and rebirth. When you die your soul enters another body. Now karma affects the next life that you live. Karma is where if you do something good something good will happen to you or your next life will be better and visa versa.

The only way to escape this cycle of death and rebirth is to reach moksha.This is when you leave the cycle of reincarnation and live eternally with Brahman. There is also a moral code which is called dharma, This is which is acting morally right and respectful, essentially the “right way of living.” Hinduism is such a complex religion with many different foundational beliefs and traditions. All are special and help each and every hindu become closer to Brahman.