Chronicles of Narnia 6

Edmund is considered a dynamic character because he is essentially the whole reason for the other three crossing the Witch and having to destroy her. If Edmand hadn’t left the Beaver’s dam, the other three wouldn’t have had to go after him, find Aslan, and fight the Witch; they would’ve gone back through the wardrobe! Edmand is also a dynamic character because his drastic attitude change is the moral of the story. I could tell that he had definitely changed because of how his heart works and how it had changed. Edmand doesn’t like to admit that he is wrong; not even to himself. He had to keep convincing himself that the Witch was good, but when the evidence was right in front of his face and he himself had even experienced her evil methods, he finally realized that he was wrong, about everything, and needed to change.

All of the Pevensies were affected by Narnia in individual ways, but they did share one common change; they all spoke more nobly and proper as Narnia’s kings and queens. Peter was affected by Narnia mostly in maturity, though he did not give up his playful ways. His voice had changed into a more dignified tone; he grew very tall, was deep-chested, worked hard to become a great warrior, and was called King Peter the Magnificent by all. Susan was called Queen Susan the Gentle by all who met her. She grew her hair almost down to her feet, and was a very tall, graceful young woman. All of the kings from countries across the sea wanted to marry her for her beauty, grace, and contrite spirit.

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Narnia had the biggest impact on Edmand. Not only did he realize the truth before being crowned, but he put forth an effort to grow upon the truth that he had decided upon to accept. He was called King Edmand the Just for his great wisdom in counseling and judgment. He became graver and quieter in order to focus on the important and right things in life instead of juvenile tricks. While all the others had fun, he refrained from the activities and would instead stay in the castle and read striving to gain more knowledge and understanding.

Lucy, though grown, was still as gay and playful as ever with her shining gold hair. She did know when to stop playing, however, or else the people wouldn’t have called her Queen Lucy the Valiant. Every prince everywhere wanted her for their bride because of her unique spirit and ability to coincide with people and their characteristics.