The Chronicles of Narnia

In the beginning of the book the professor is not talked about too much, but further on he is given more explanation. When Peter, Susan, Edmand, and Lucy saw him for the first time, he seemed to be a towering old man with shaggy white hair covering the majority of his face and head. He had a queer way of going about things, but was easily liked by all who met him. He seems to me to be a feared man in appearance, but in truth has a genuine heart. Peter, as the eldest, strives to be respected as a man from his siblings; at least from Susan and Edmand. To Lucy, he is her big teddy bear that always makes her feel better except when needing correction.

He is a positive thinker in bad situations and likes to keep everyone happy. Peter desires to have fun while not pushing the limit on what is wrong. Peter would choose adventure over schooling; he is more hands on rather than trying to imagine it from reading about it in a book. He tends to favor Lucy and enjoys lowering himself to her standards in innocent play. In doing this, he underestimates her true age and knowledge of understanding more serious things.

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Peter loves to go along with her innocent fun and jokes, but knows when to stop the nonsense. I think Peter is headed in the right direction and will make a great man one day. Susan was not talked about very much, but through her very few lines, some description is noticed. Susan is a little too sophisticated for estimated age. She likes to be seen as practical and as a knowledgeable person. Susan likes to see the best in people and give them the benefit of doubt to avoid having any prejudice.

Although she is gentle natured, she does get a little snappy and maternal with her siblings. I do have to admit that she is a bit annoying, but I can also understand why she is that way. If one has a desire and passion to gain more knowledge and be a respected woman, she is just doing her best to succeed her goal and her siblings do not understand. Edmand is quite a character. He is somewhat juvenile and very easily amused.

He is also a true hypocrite; when first meeting someone he gives them the impression that he is well behaved, but once he is comfortable he loosens up and completely forgets manners, responsibilities, and precautions. Edmand thinks hiding his true emotion (especially sympathetic and surrendering emotions) make him more of a man. He is purposely critical towards his siblings, especially Lucy. Edmand sees the negative side of things and chooses to be most spiteful in those situations. He loves to be right, prideful, and is too selfish to notice his surroundings.

(In other words, he can’t see past the end of his nose.) Edmund also finds pleasure in teasing, mocking, carrying on a joke too long, and putting others down in any scenario. In a way I feel as though Edmand is the main character. He is given such a character and is so important to examine and learn from. Lucy is very sweet and innocent. She is hesitant and fearful of unusual people, places, and objects, but stays optimistic in keeping the slightest bit of hope alive.

Because of her gentle spirit, she chooses to stay out of her siblings fights, but ends up being the mediator to end quarrels. Lucy is very honest; it actually pains her to not be truthful. As all little children, she is very hyper and gets a little heartbroken when her much older siblings find her activities juvenile and a waste of time. I think she is just as cute and innocent as all little kids trying to enjoy life and share it with the ones she loves the most. Mr. Tumnus is half goat, half man, making him a faun.

He is rather short with glossy black hair, reddish skin, a pointed beard, curly hair, two horn stubs on his forehead, and has a strange, yet pleasant face. When faced with unusual situations he tends to be a bit bewildered and rather spasmodic in his vocabulary and actions. Once he has realizes the situation he is in thoughts race in his head all at once causing him to be quite scatter brained, flustered, and he never really finishes his thoughts aloud. Mr. Tumnus underestimates his true splendor and character.

He is very dramatic and emotional, almost like a drama queen, but his sympathy is greatly appreciated in his friendship. His true integrity shows through his failure to obey the queen’s order to kidnap Lucy. I think he is a kindred spirit trapped in the devil’s world. He wishes to do well, but is forced to do wrong. Thankfully, however, he is so good that he ends up caving and cannot follow through with the bad. The White Witch is a sinister portrayed person.

She has a sort of regal aura in the way she upholds herself and keeps her appearance. She is rather tall, taller than most women actually. She wears a gold crown on her head, holds a golden scepter, and wears snow white furs. Her face is equally white except for her bright red lips; such a beautiful, yet cold and stern and proud face. The White Witch is impatient and blunt; likes to get matters taken care of when she wants and how she wants.

She demands everything she seeks, and when she isn’t content her eyes flame with rage. Already I could tell that she is portrayed as the Devil due to her deceptive, persuasive, and flattering ways of enticing those to do what she wants. She is not one to be trifled with, for she is very smart and not dimwitted. I believe that she is a perfect representation of the Devil. If someone were to read this book and then go to a Bible believing related activity and here about Satan and Hell, they should have a good grasp on the concept.