Cisco facilitate postponement

Can you add to this list? Discuss which of these adverse events are more likely. Suppose that a severe typhoon damages the infrastructure (power lines and bridges) in Hong Kong and Guan Chou, and makes It useless for three months. What actions can Cisco take to satisfy customer needs for routers? Organize your thoughts/delusions/proposed plan in 2-3 items so that it can be briefly presented to executives in an executive summary.

Answer Part C(lump) 1 . What are the challenges and risks faced by technology companies in new product introduction? Answer 2.

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What were the risks and benefits of using Chinese contract manufacturing from the start? Answer 3. In selecting Foxing and expanding Its role In the supply chain, what were the potential risks and values to Cisco? Answer 4. What should Cisco do to mitigate these risks and ensure successful development and launch of the Viking router? Answer part D Summary, a significant new information about the case and below question 1 .

Make a list of types of Cisco product families. For example, router is a product family and CARS 9000 is a product in that family. What is the difference between a router and a switch?

Answer 2. What do overlapping circles refer to In Coco’s organization? What Is the purpose of organizing In sun away’ . Answer 3.

Cisco reduced the number of its contract manufacturers in the sass down to four, what are the benefits and risks of fewer contract manufacturers? Answer 4. Dell uses a pull (lean) system to allow customers to customize computers. Is customization important to router (individual or business) customers, explain? Cisco Lean intends “to convert Cisco and its extended supply chain to a system in which reduce was built only after a customer has actually ordered it”.

Does this pull system conflict with the practice of using overseas contract manufacturers, explain.

5. Each CARS 9000 chassis is a box that can accommodate up to eight slots inside for line cards or circuit boards. How does Cisco facilitate postponement through these generic chassis? Which inventory benefits from this postponement in the sense that it can be reduced due to aggregation of demand, is it the chassis inventory, line card inventory, circuit board inventory, or any other inventory, explain. Answer 6.

Cisco seems to be very worried about the launch of the Viking router? Is Viking the most complicated product that Cisco has ever launched? If not, why is Cisco so worried, explain. Answer 7.

What is Cabal? What is the relationship between Cisco and Cabal? According to the case, what is Cabal’s involvement in Viking router manufacturing? Answer My Findings: Keywords value chain innovation, collaboration, globalization, international operations, manufacturing, outsourcing, product development, product introduction, risk mitigation, supply chain management, vertical integration