Classroom Predicament Case Study

It Is clear that Adman thought through this process and made the decision to use a paper written by someone other than herself. Violet Is next In the ranking for most responsible for the falling grade. Evolves role In this situation Included the emailing and sharing of the preprinted paper. She was the individual who gave the idea of using or purchasing a paper written by someone other than Adrian. Louise is next in the ranking. Louise provided the preprinted paper to Violet which is what Adrian used and received the failing grade.

If she hadn’t provided this paper to Violet, which was forwarded to Adrian, it’s possible that Adrian would not have used a preprinted paper. Professor Johnston ranks number four. The professor posted his late policy prior to this occurrence. He made it clear to Adrian that he was unable to make any exceptions regarding his late policy when she asked for an extension. This made Adrian aware of the consequences if she were to submit a late assignment. Dean Richards is next in the ranking.

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He played an even smaller role in the failing grade.

His role includes promoting and enforcing the Academic Integrity Policy. Although Professor Johnston escalated the situation to the Dean, the Dean ultimately determined that the paper was purchased and confirmed that Adrian violated the university’s Academic Integrity Policy. Rob, Drain’s boss, ranks last in having any responsibility for her failing grade. Rob made a business decision to minimize workforce and increase her hours and responsibility.

This had absolutely nothing to do with Drain’s failing, other than the pressure of the increase in responsibilities.

Drain’s next move should be to create an apology letter. Although this will not erase the fact that she was in violation of the school’s Academic Integrity Policy, this will allow her to take full accountability and responsibility for the poor choice that she made. She may want to Include some of the stresses that caused her to make such a poor decision. This will give the Dean and Professor a glimpse Into her personal life and show that, although she made a bad choice, she Is working very hard to provide for her family.

The most Important reason of creating this letter Is to cake responsibility. In the future, Adman should pretzel her time. It seems as though she procrastinated with this specific assignment. It Is Important for her to not Walt until the very last minute to begin. It would have been a good idea for Adrian to set aside a certain amount AT time out AT jean clay Tanat seen could locate to near statues.

Although she was extremely exhausted from her work duties, this would have allowed her some time to focus on school and allow her to get used to creating time for school with a new schedule.

Adrian was also afraid of using poor grammar and writing. She should have handled this problem by writing a rough draft. Once the rough draft was complete, Adrian should have reached out to the Writing Lab which would be able to critique her work and give her tips on how to improve her work. By doing this, she would submit a better written assignment and increase her chances of getting a higher score.

If Adrian is ever presented with the idea or chance to cheat, she should look at all of the possible consequences and choose not to impair her academic integrity.