Case Study: Learning Disabilities in a Classroom

In the first few years of teaching elementary education for SSL learners, I would likely encounter more learning disabilities.

In a bilingual based classroom there would be mainly learning disabilities because there Is a lack of knowledge when It comes to the English language. Some of the general characteristics are; slow reading, lack of comprehension, difficulty memorizing material, getting lost easily and the difficulty following directions. Fourth graders are mainly taught English, Math, History and Science skills.

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An accommodation for these subjects, are that they can have translators and tolerances of their native languages that can be provided In the classroom so the students can compare the words and understand the meaning in English. Due to the characteristic, there are accommodations that are made to benefit not only the student with the learning disability, but also everyone in the classroom.

In a classroom based on SSL learner’s supplemental aids are available such as flashcards for vocabulary and math.

Visual examples can be provided so the students can see and hear what is being taught rather than them trying to comprehend without the knowledge. Also another accommodation that can take affect is after school tutoring and that way it will be provided to the students who need the extra help. It is important to use specific methods to insure the success of these students. Putting the students with their peers in groups so they can better understand what they are needed to do in order complete the assignment and also are able to develop social skills as well.