Clear Speech

Introduction The world is occupied by different organisms; these different organisms are human beings that are the major occupants of the universe. These human beings are from different ethnical and language back grounds; these people has to communicate with each other and it’s noted that the most common form of communication between these individuals is through (Conversation) speech and body language.

This ensures that all these people living in the world are in the position of communicating effectively (Smiljanic & Bradlow, 2009). In order for a successful communication to exist amongst the individuals in the world today, individuals should be in a position to have a clear speech. The speech will make it easy for the others to be in a position of getting what is being said to them, and that brings us to the essence of this essay (Uchanski, 2007). Clear speech is a form of communication where the speaker (communicator) naturally and unconsciously evaluates and formats their speech in order to accommodate the listeners he is talking to. These listeners may include people from different ethnical background, different language, people with hearing impairment that is from the communicator, or they might be in a noisy environment.

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The communicator will listen take a look at the environment or mood of his/ her listeners and in the process the he will change the way in which he communicates with them. In order to favor all the listeners this adjustments in the speech deliverance will ensure that all the listeners are in a position of get what the communicator is saying to them without them straining to get what the communicator is really talking about. This will reduce that cases of misinterpretation of the information that is being directed to them (Uchanski, 2007).How speech is produced An individual is able to communicate freely with the other people as a result of systematic stimulation of the body motor system in that are located in the vocal apparatus. In this case spoken words are essentially selected and in the process they are produced in the process the phonetics of the words are formulated and are articulated by the motor system in the vocal apparatus. This process is sometimes impulsive as seen when a person creates the words in a conversation reaction, this is often seen when the person frequently repeats what he has said in the previous part of the conversation (Smiljanic & Bradlow, 2009).

The process of communication involves three major levels the first being the conceptualization stage where the individual with an individual sets the intention for talking links with the desired concept of a given word to be said, thus the message are formulated to be s verbally expressed. The second stage involves linguistics in which the words are expressed this process involves the generation of syntaxes and phonological encodings. At this stage a lemma is picked as the word is formed and it lacks the sound in it (Uchanski, 2007). The third and last stage involves the articulation of the words which involves the retrieval of the word from the motor for appropriate pronunciation of the word, the lungs, glottis, tongue, lips, jaws and other parts of the Vocal apparatus are involved. In this process as they ensure that an individual will be able to pronounce the word accurately and properly. Importance of clear speech Speech is the most important and commonly used method of spreading information and communication amongst the two or more communicating individuals.

Therefore in order for any communication process to be more effective and successful al the parties involved in the communication process should practice clear speech; in this section we are going to check on some of the importance of speech in communication (Uchanski, 2007). According to Smiljanic and Bradlow in their book “Speaking and Hearing Clearly: Talker and Listener Factors in Speaking Style Changes”. They have said that clear speech is very important in order to fulfill the intentions of communication. The first importance of clear communication is the improving of the communication process in this case when a communicator is addressing the people in a manner that is clear. The communicator and the listeners will be in a position to understand each other much easily (Smiljanic & Bradlow, 2009). This will in the process result to an effective communication process that will not have a lot of misinterpretations.

lear speech is also important to an individual because it reduces the level of straining of the communicator and the listeners; this is because some the listeners the communicator will be talking to in the conversation will be from different ethnical group from him/her or even might be having hearing impairment. Consequently, clear speech will ensure that the communicator delivers the message to the listeners at a mode that they will feel that they are free to associate with each other.Clear speech according to Uchankski is important because it was used to help beginners of another language that isn’t their native language to learn and get introduced to the new language. This is because the clear speech set the strides and interests for the new learner in learning the basic concepts of the language. This encouraging the individuals to understand the language much more faster and also communicate with others (Uchanski, 2007).

Characteristics of a clear speech According to Uchankski in her book the word clear speech is said to be an unconscious process where an individual adjusts to a talking style that will ensure that all the listeners are able to listen to the message that is being said to them. This is as a result of the observation that is conducted by the communicator who monitors the physical, biological, environmental or emotional condition of the listeners. This will ensure that the individual will be in a position of giving the listeners a speech that will be of great impact and easily understood with the listeners. One characteristic of clear speech is slow tone and talking this will eventually ensure that an individual who is communicating with the other people and new listeners who aren’t the native listeners of the language will have to be talked to in a slow manner that will ensure that the listeners will be in a position to slowly understand and grasp what is being told to them by the communicator. This will to some point ensure that the listeners who are from a different languages that will make it easy for tem to understand what is told to them by the communicator (Smiljanic & Bradlow, 2009).

Pauses is another characteristic of clear speech, this is where a communicator will be constantly be placing pauses in sections that the individual thinks are supposed to emphasis a specific fact. Pauses will also be used by the communicator to show emphasis and other modes of continuity in a statement this will automatically ensure that the individual will make the listeners to learn the language much faster (Uchanski, 2007).Loud speaking is also another way of clear speech, this is where the communicator will raise their voice when speaking to the listeners incase they are in a very noisy environment. This will ultimately ensure that the entire listener is able to get the communicators point of views during there communication. In other incidents a communicator might be forced to reduce their voices to the extent of murmuring this is because the environment is very quite. The communication between these two individuals will result to a destruction of the others who aren’t involved in the conversation.

This will automatically make it clear speech if they regulated there voices in order not to disturb the other people. In other cases the communicator might use a variety of pitches that will ensure that the messages of these individuals are driven home more appropriately. It is experienced in many instances where the communicator uses a different pitch in order to show emphasis of a specific point. As a result ultimately drive the point home and help in the communication flow between the communicator and listener. The comparison between clear and conversational speech There is a slight difference between the clear and conversational speech, and in this section I am going to take a keen look at the comparison between clear and conversational speech. Clear speech is said to be an attempt where an individual aims at talking to the listeners in a manner that will ensure that the individuals he talks to are in a point of getting what is being told to them in the communication process.

While comparative is a more interactive type of communication, this is where two or more individuals will contribute to a given talk or discussion. This is where individuals will contribute or respond to what is being or previously said (Smiljanic & Bradlow, 2009). These two types of speech that is the clear and cconversational speech are mostly associated with the communication process; this is where an individual will resume and get information and communicate to one another (Uchanski, 2007). In the clear speech the communicator will be speaking in a slow and loud manner that will aim at making his/her listeners to be more involved in the listening that in the conversation. This implies that the communicator will be in a position to talk more to the listeners in a manner that aims at training them on specifics of the language or at the same time sending a strong message home. This might be considered when the listeners are hearing impaired, noisy environment or the language isn’t the listeners first language (Smiljanic & Bradlow, 2009).

This will result to the individuals to dominate the conversation in order to ensure that the listeners get what is being said by the communicator. Conversational speech is where individual will be in a position to talks freely to each other without any hindrance; that will make the communication a one flow process. In this form of communication the speech is in a faster rate and also the speed of the tone is moderate as its assumed that all of these people involved in this communication process are well conversant with the language and they are not suffering from any hearing defect that will make them be unable to hear what is being said by the others who are involved in the conversation. Reasons for practicing clear speech The communication process is constantly seen to be a two way process in that each party involved in the communication process is supposed to listen to what is said by one party and they have to respond to want they have been told or asked to do (Uchanski, 2007). Therefore in order for a specific massage top reach its listeners effectively it has to be very clear and precise in order for the individuals who were meant to get they message in a very appropriate way.

The communicator has the obligation of using clear speech in a situation where the listeners are not in a position of knowing the language perfectly. This will force the speaker to adopt a pace that will make it easy fro the individuals to understand what is being said to them. Thiswill include the use of slow speaking, use of pauses and also repetition, this will help the listeners especially if they are new learners to understand the language thus they become more interested with the new language (Smiljanic & Bradlow, 2009).The other reason that causes clear speech is when individuals are in a noisy environment; in this case an individual will be forced to use a slow speech and at the same time have a raised voice volume that will ensure that the individual being addressed is able to listen to what is being said to them. The raised voice volume will ensure that the individual is in a position to hear clearly what is being told to them.

Clear speech is also effective when a communicator aims at emphasizing a specific activity or action. This will be seen when the communicator will use a raised tone, high pitch, and repetitive words this will ensure that the message is sent to the listener who will be able to note on the reasons of the communicator (Smiljanic & Bradlow, 2009). Conclusion It has been noted that clear speech is a speech condition where the individual (communicator) unconsciously finds him / herself adapting to this type of speaking with his listeners. This may because the listeners are in a very noisy environment, they might also have developed hearing impairment in that they can’t be able to get the words properly. In some cases the listeners might be learners or new to the language that they are conversing with. This will result to the communicator to change the way he talks to the listeners; the communicator will eventually try and make the communication process more accommodative to the listeners who will not be able to get the information(Uchanski, 2007).

The clear speech will result to the individuals that are communicating with there listeners to send there message at home and at the same time this will ensure that the message isn’t distorted and all the relevant information that is required by the individuals is driven to their attention. Thus not a lot of them are left out in the conversation. Further the communicator in some point will evaluate the psychological, biological and environmental conditions of the listeners or place where the communication is taking place.