Closing Down Kindergartens and Primary Schools

To Education Bureau Dear Sirs, Re: Closing down Kindergartens and Primary Schools I think it is a very good idea to close down the schools across Hong Kong because the students can all have a two-week holiday. Another good reason is that they won’t have to fear of the worst thing in every student’s mind – homework. The students will also not have a nasty disease and they will enjoy a rest after all those cursed exams they suffer every day. However, if you close down all the schools, the students will miss two weeks of education and may fail their exams.

And the students may also enjoy their holiday too much and when the schools open, they might not concentrate on their lessons and might forget 99.9 (Or worse, 100) % of the precious knowledge the teachers taught them. Once their parents find out, they will be fuming because they have just been throwing thousands of dollars into the sea and thus they might protest badly and I am afraid we will have to use smoke canisters and water cannons! Students may also like their holiday so much that they might refuse to go to school and we don’t want to force them to do it! The only solution to avoid these situations is to open the schools again as soon as possible and if you don’t, someone might organize a riot and it might take more than smoke canisters and water cannons to stop them (If this happens, we might have to use the weapons the Chinese government used against the university students back in 1989 on the Fourth of June…). Regards

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