The Whirlpool Plant Closing

The closure of Whirlpool plant definitely carries social and ethical Implications. Many people will lose their Jobs, leading to high unemployment rate.

In Dalton, It may seem to be a “business echelon” to the management; however, It Is definitely not In the eyes of their employees. 2. What are the legal and ethical responsibilities of Whirlpool In a plant- closing case such as the one In Evansville, Indiana? The ethical responsibilities of Wholly are to facilitate relocation of their workers to other departments and minimizing the loss of natural resources being used.

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The legal responsibility of Whirlpool, on the other hand, is to abide by WARN act. This is because it will be better if there is lesser psychological and emotional impact on the employees. . In eight of the federal stimulus funds that Whirlpool received, did it have a greater responsibility to make the Evansville plant sustainable? Or, were the funds received totally unrelated to the plant-closing decision? I believe that Whirlpool has a greater responsibility in making the plant sustainable. The funds were thought to fall in the “right” hands; however, Whirlpool goes against those wishes and instead, executed a rather selfish and cunning plan that will bring benefits only to the management and the shareholders.


Was the Whirlpool division vice president’s memo threatening true job opportunities an ethical practice? Was it an unfair labor practice? Explain. It is not right’ for the vice president to pull off such an immature and unprofessional act on the employees. It definitely brings him an image that he does not consider of the welfare of his employees. Furthermore, it is unfair because the employees have the rights to display their emotions and yet, the vice president abuses his powerful status to bring down such protests.


What about the plant closings Impact on the community and related stakeholders? Did the company have any responsibility to ark with the community in this decision? What should It have done and how should It have done it? The closure brings a huge negative Impact on the community and the related stakeholders. The community will perceive that Whirlpool Is not very conscious of their employees’ welfare and well being. Such perception may potentially bring a huge loss to Wholly In the future. As a matter of fact, the company should realize that they have a responsibility over their employees.

Thus, If Wholly Is keen In closing down Its plant, they should strategically shutdown their apartments one at a time, giving their employees leeway to secure other Jobs. 6. Should there be legislation preventing American firms from closing down and moving to less expensive parts of the world? Should NONFAT be repealed? I believe that there should be such legislation to prevent such cases to happen. An organization, operating more like a union, should represent the employees’ voice towards their more to lose as compared to their employers. Such mature thinking should happen if the firms are keen to move to less expensive parts of the world.