Coca-Cola types of segmentation strategies

Which types of segmentation strategies does Coca-Cola use to categorize the cola beverage market? Coca-Cola uses various segmentation strategies to Include and categorize all of its consumers into their beverage market.

Coca-Cola has virtually a selecting for everyone on the planet, other than those who naturally prefer Pepsi over Coke. Their “Dieters Segment” appeals to those who are concerned about their weight. Which started with the original Coke and spread to the various versions they offered In late years. Then they created Diet Coke Plus which had added palatals, which was a customer valued decision.

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Next there Is the Men” Segment” Which Includes Coke Zero, this drink allowed men to purchase low calorie drinks without relating the Idea It was very similar to a Diet Coke; “because Diet Coke Is for women”. The “DID Segment” Is another segment Coca-Cola has created to delve a extensive target market Into subcategories of customers.

In this segment otherwise called “Do It Yourself” allowed, consumers to create and mix any possible drink. The new machines are becoming more frequently seen and easily accessible. Are there types effective in this market? Provide support for your answers.

These types of segments Coca-Cola presents are effective in this type of market. This is because Coke notices there are men and women worried about their weight and diets, therefore you have the Dieters segment and the Real Men segment, and they also present the Do It Yourself segment which gives the opportunity to create coke, dieted or not along with caffeine free or not, and adding shots of lemon or lime. However I believe there is an additional segmentation that could be added.

A segment for those who enjoy the flavored cokes, such as cherry coke, vanilla coke, or black cherry vanilla coke.