Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel was born on August 19th, 1883 in Saumur France to her unwed mother, Jeanne Devolle.

In 1895, when she was twelve years old, Coco’s mother died of tuberculosis. Coco Chanel’s father sent his two sons’ to farms, and his three daughters to orphanges. The nuns from the orphanage were the first to teach Coco how to sew, and it all started from there. Before Coco was a fashion designer she was a singer at clubs, she called herself Coco, instead of the name she was born with, Gabrielle, and the name just stuck. By 1910 Coco Chanel opened her first store.

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She sold fashionable hats. Her store was located in Paris, Rue Cambon. Coco Chanel is famous for timeless designs, trademark suit and little black dresses. Coco Chanel died on January 10th 1971 she was 87, and died of natural causes. Even though Coco died, her company is still here today.