Case Study Syco Record Lable

The use of game shows and TV as well a s interactive voting Coco record label and how they use new media to promote and market. Coco Entertainment, often known as simply Coco (and stylized as COCO), is a global Joe NT venture between Simon Jewell and Sony Music Entertainment focused on the production and markets Eng of music, television, film and digital content.

It employs a staff of more than 30 in offices in London and Lo s Angles[l] and manages a string of high profile television and music brands through partnerships h Sony Music labels and its TV production partner,Aforementioned. Jewell and Sony Music Entertainment each own 50% of the business which is looking to grow Its global portfolio of music and television brands o ever the next few years.

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Charles Garland, the former chief executive of Crystal Entertainment and chief operate or of Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment is Chief Operating Officer, responsible for the today day operations of the Retail billionaire Philip Green, who is a close friend of Jewell, serves as an advisor to the co many.

[3] Karen Brady, sporting executive and vice Harriman of West Ham united F. C. , also serves as an advisor to the company. [citation needed] [edit]Coco Dovecots Television, often shortened to Coco TV (and stylized as Scott), primarily operates in the UK and U.

In 2009, nearly 20 million people (one third of the I-J population) tuned in to the series 3 final to see Diversity crowned winners.

[6] Got Talent has been even more successful internationally than The X Factor and is no w on air in almost 40 countries including the key markets mentioned above and now China. Other shows Coco produces other shows outside its key brands. In 2011, new series Red or Black? Was met with mixed reaction. Coco were also behind American Inventor which ran for two seasons on BBC and the unsuccessful Celebrity Duets on Fox.

In addition to series, Coco also produce music and entertainment .

NET specials. This includes I Dreamed a Dream: The Susan Bayle Story, which broke ratings records in t he U. S. On TV Guide network[7] and scored 10 million viewers on TV in the I-J. [8] Coco also produced Take That: For the Record when Take That reformed and in 2010, the company produced a special Pepsi De of Piers Mooring’s Life Stories, which focused on The X Factor Judge Cheryl Cole and drew the series’ Bess t ratings to date with nearly 8 million viewers. [8] [edit]Current productionsю