Coke AM and PepsiAM case

What is the target audience for Coca-Cola’s “Coke in the Morning” campaign? What is the target for Pepsi A. M? Are these audiences the same? Coca-Cola’s Coke in the morning target people that leave homes in the morning and on the mid-morning coffee break. Pepsi A. M’s target is the people that drink coffee in the morning. Yes the audiences are the same apart from the fact that Coke in the morning focuses more on the time factor whereas Pepsi directly appeals to coffee drinkers.

2. What buyer responses are Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola trying to generate from their arget customers?

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Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola are both trying to open up the morning beverage market by making their target customers need coke or Pepsi instead of coffee, tea or Juice in the morning. They want their buyers to alter their buying behaviour in the morning. 3. What general message content and message structure decisions should the two companies make in setting their message strategies? Both these companies should pass on the idea of having less caffeine than coffee.

Health is Wealth and tapping into peoples thoughts on that would generate more consumers.

Coke or Pepsi in the morning can become more refreshing than coffee or tea in the morning. Drinking coke or Pepsi can however be breaking traditional ways. So, these companies need to be really tactful when it comes to structuring their message. A good way would be to target health conscious customers at first and open the market up later. 4.

What promotion mixes should the company use? Should the two companies use the same or different mixes? Why? The company should use Advertising, publicity and sales promotion to start with.

The two companies should not use the same mixes s that way they can reach to a wide variety of customers. A good way to hit youngsters in this digital age would be to make extensive use of social media. Coke could advertise with Mcdonalds which is its existing partner for example who serve morning breakfast and actually attract quite a lot of customers.

Pepsi on the other hand could advertise with Subways. 5. Given the promotion mixes you recommend, what specific ads and other promotion ideas would you recommend to Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola to help them win over the morning cola market?