Coleman University Network Security

Security is one of the things that have been highly upheld by private and public institutions.

This is made to ensure that there is safety of people and property in the institutions especially presently where there are increased cases of organized crimes and other crimes that use technology. In addition, technological advancements have made it easy to have cheap security systems in place. Coleman University is one of the institutions that have considered the need of a security network (DeCapite, 2006). This is usually organized from a server room whereby analysis of traffic and network services is done. However, there is a problem in the server room since it is partially exposed such that people with Smartphone can take pictures for later analysis.

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This also means that people not part of the security team may follow security issues in the institution. This paper is, therefore, aimed at analyzing the situation more so on the basis of the advantages and the need of good security in public and private institutions. The Idea of Exposed Network Security Coleman University network system is exposed through its server room that can be seen from the career services. This is not a good idea. To begin with, security is has to be facilitated by a specific group for instance security officers in an institution.

They are supposed to ensure that they enhance privacy so that the data they access or what they see is not publicized. There is a risk in the exposed server room since this may be used to undertake organized crime. For instance, some individuals may be viewing as the others undertake the criminal activities. This will mean that they will communicate and escape easily; thus making the security systems in place to be unreliable (DeCapite, 2006). This is also a weakness since the security operators will work under fear and they will not be in a position to concentrate wholly.

They may also concentrate with other things since they can see what is happening in the career services. This in the long run may render the whole security system unreliable (Enterasys, 2012). This is also not a good idea because wizards may find ways of hacking it. For instance, when intruders take pictures, and they go and analyze them, they may develop ways of hacking the security system. This is a substantial risk because the system may be hacked and yet the operators do not know.

This will then mean that those who have hacked the security system can easily control it from a distance. At the end of the day, this may result to too many criminal activities in the institution without any one becoming aware of what is going on (DeCapite, 2006). The security people working in the server room are also at a risk. They are insecure when they are exposed because criminals may plan to interfere with the system and do other criminal activities. In additio, other employees may develop negative attitudes towards them since not all of them may understand what happens there.

They may mistake them for spying on them especially the teaching staff when they in the lecture halls. When considering the disadvantages of CCTV cameras, one of them is that privacy of individuals is not enhanced. This is because the cameras or security systems at large will not select on what to display. The security people are supposed to ensure that what they record is kept privately so that the privacy of others is not exposed. Therefore, when the server room is exposed, it means that the privacy of the people being monitored is exposed.

This may result to enmity or rivalry among some of the individuals when they start spreading rumors about what they have seen. It is also notable that security in the institution may become a group task since even people, not in the security team are aware of security issues (Enterasys, 2012). How the Issue interconnects with the Fact that this is an Educational InstitutionThe fact that this is an educational institution has also some interconnection with the exposed server room. In an educational system, there are usually different components that interact. The interactions have to be properly monitored to ensure that the best is offered. For instance, when the security systems are put in classrooms, this becomes an assurance that the tutors will undertake their duties without any comprises.

Therefore, the security system has to be functional and free of any failure risks (DeCapite, 2006). In an educational system data must be well kept. To achieve this there must be enough security since some data when interfered with, may temper with the running of the whole institution. This is also crucial since most of the properties in the institution are extremely expensive and hard to replace. It is also beneficial to note that this being an educational institution the population is high, and the people in the institution are of different character. There are some educational institutions that have had cases of drug peddlers and even murders.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider that the high population is a crucial factor to consider in providing security. In addition, there is also a need to understand that for peaceful coexistence security must be enhanced since the people there are of different characters (Enterasys, 2012). Educational institutions more so at the level of colleges and universities are also much opened to intruders. People with evil motives may decide to do them in an educational institution for instance suicide bombers. Consequently, security has to be of high level and privately manned so that any individuals with queer behavior can be easily identified and the right measures taken on them. The security systems are also crucial in institutions to provide enoughh evidence in case of any criminal activities.

This is crucial more so considering that many students at college and university level tend to be tricky. A Plan for better Network Security To be able to develop a better security plan for the institution, there would be a need of field research. This would be done to determine the areas that will need full surveillance. This would also mean establishing strategic points where to locate the cameras to keep them away from being traced or interference. In order to ensure that the network security in the educational institution is reliable, there is a need to consider risk assessment (Enterasys, 2012). This comes under risk management which should be accomplished by verifying the security system.

A security system has different components such as software and hardware; thus they all have to be scrutinized. This is crucial to ensure that failure risk is mitigated. This will involve the use of professional tools to check the performance of the whole system. The security team will also need to be well trained on how to carry private surveillance. This will mean the use of experts to equip them with the right tactics and information (DeCapite, 2006). It is also crucial that the privacy of the server room is enhanced.

This will be crucial to ensure that the employees and the institution at large are not exposed to risks. This will also give the network security operators security and privacy so that they can operate without fear.Another method that should also be considered is the use of posters to show that the institution is under surveillance. This is crucial since it will make people be cautious so that they are not caught unawares. This is also crucial to the learners and employees in the fraternity since they will learn to be disciplined.

This is also a strategy that may drive criminals away since there are some crimes that may be too fast for immediate response (DeCapite, 2006). Automated CCTV cameras are a tool that is crucial to consider. They are crucial since when there are power blackouts they will still continue to operate. Although this may be expensive, considering that this is an educational system they can be the best to ensure that security is enhanced through 24 hours surveillance (Enterasys, 2012). Conclusion In conclusion, exposing the server room for the institutions network security is extremely risky. This may affect the whole institution both directly and indirectly.

An educational system more so at college and university level has to be well monitored and privacy maintained. When there is privacy, the security system will be free of intruders, and this will mainly result to proper running of the institution.