Uses of a College Education

An incident or time in my life when I’ve experienced failure or disappointment would bemy freshman year in high school when I decided to try out for choir. I know its not a major event but to me it was the world. Even when I was young singing was all I wanted to do, my parents bought me singing lessons, every karaoke program you could ever imagine, I was so dead set on becoming a singer.

So freshman year I thought nothing could stop me I was going to be in high school and I wanted to be apart of something, and going into it I had no hesitation or nerves because I had never not made anything I had tried out for so it did not even cross my mind. So when the list was posted and my name was not on it I was completely crushed and beyond hear broken, I did not know how to handle that kind of disappointment. And I think that was the Lords was of putting me through humility and just to bring me to my knees and to break me through it, because at this point I did not rely on anyone or anything to accomplish what I wanted because I was so confident in myself and my talent. So when I did not make choir I was brought to realize that I needed to begin to rely on someone other than myself and to experience failure and to become stronger through it. Because the life we are given is not going to be easy and everything is not going to be handed to us on a silver platter, the Lord has specifically put us in the situations and places to build us up in him and our personalities. And from this disappointment has brought me to become so humble in the things I do because the Lord has given me a talent that I need to use to his ability and to let him shine through it.

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Because before the tryouts I had always done everything for myself and just thought that I was good at everything because of me and the ability’s I had, rarely did I ever put two in two together to think the Lord had blessed me with this to bring others to him. So failure has brought me to so many better things than what success could have honestly, because now I am so sure in what the Lord wants for me and what I wanna do with my talent to benefit me and my relationship in the Lord. I have decided that when I get older I want to be in ministry and spread the word through worship and praise. And without this trial I would have never been able to realize this. Through this I will be doing what I love to do and believe that I am good at and still be so humbled by the Lord and what he has blessed me with.And I know its easier said then done, but sometimes failure is much better than success because we are opened up to so many different opportunities, that we may fall in love with.

Even though we do not quite understand why the Lord does what he does, he is so beyond this world and our comprehension that we just need to have a little faith and it will go a long way.