Is College Tuition Too High?

Are College tuitions too high and if so how do they need to be reformed? Can it be done through government intervention (I. E. Subsidies, grants, interest on loans minimized)? Also consider whether the investment for a college education is still a good investment. ” Research:

Read the various articles, provided In class and listen to the NP piece from a few years ago (See link below). Also conduct additional research on your own, Including talking to your parents. HERE=”http://www.

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NP. Org/templates/story/story. PH? Story=6512611 ” You may also use Information from NY Times for Sunday September 9, 2012 on Debt Collectors cashing In on Student Loans Page 1 And Wall SST. Journal Classroom edition on Are Too Many People Going to College?

September 2012 Volvo. 22 No.

1 Wall SST. Journal Classroom edition on Student Loans: the next financial crisis? Page 6 Volvo. 22 No. 6 As always you should consider all aspects of this topic and then come up with a position. Your thesis, as always, Is at the end of your Introduction, and should Include a road map for the reader.

Make sure to Include a Bibliography and cite your sources. If you have any questions.