The Rising Cost Of College Tuition

College one word that freaks almost every high school student out. Its something we all feel pressured into thinking about as we start the last year of high school or even the beginning of high school, but just looking at the cost from some students automatically makes them not want to or unable to go. Why can’t we make college affordable for everyone?By doing so it would open up so many options for all kids graduating high school or even those who want to better their careers after being out of school for a few years.As a high school student thinking about the future you look up to the peers around you, but a lot of us don’t have those kinds of people to look up to which makes it even harder to decide what on earth you could do with the rest of your life and enjoy it. Not many people these days have been able to pick a career that they love and stick with it till they can retire.

Many people don’t go to college because they don’t have the money to pay for tuition and books or even a clue what they want to major in. So they might think why struggle to pay for school when you can work to make money and not have the stress of it all, but in the long run they may be still working at Mcdonalds or wherever and think wow i should have cared more and gone to college.

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