Come in Later

Come later, or leave earlier? How does coming in late, than leaving earlier sound? I am talking about when the students here at AHS get to leave early ever Wednesday. Getting a chance to sleep in just a little later, and actually having time to eat a nutritious breakfast is worth coming in later than leaving earlier.

Is it? Most high school students have a job they attend to after school hours; however coming in later might give students a chance to finish late homework, and help struggling students catch up on their grades. Coming in later might let students start the day off with clear and focused minds when coming in to school. Why leave early each Wednesday if the busses arrive at AHS at the same time they always do every other day of the week? Leaving earlier gives students a chance to look forward to every Wednesday. If not change the time in which the students leave or arrive to school, but simply change the day the students leave early? Like say Friday instead. I think students at AHS will be more enthusiastic to have early releases every Friday rather than every Wednesday. If need be; the students and staff can still stay after and get all their work accomplished just in time for the weekend.

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You’re the student body, what do you think?