Spirit Days Create Controversy Free Essay Example

Homecoming is something many people look forward too, the dress up days, the pep rallies, the homecoming game and of course the homecoming dance. This year however was a bit of a let down when it comes to school spirit. The start of the new year is always a drab, no more carefree days of laying out by the pool or on the lake, no sleeping in and staying out late. So why not have something that the students can look forward too to start the new school year. Homecoming should be the one of the most look forward to events besides spring break or Prom. But sadly this year, homecoming wasn’t a main focus for most of the students.

From the theme of the dance to the dress up days, Homecoming was all around a let down. Homecoming is meant to bring school spirit and encourage students to take part of the activities during the week and show school pride. The themes for the week leading up to Homecoming were either overused themes or things that were too hard for students to dress up for. Of course every Friday it’s going to be a red out, that’s a given, but to have almost the same themes from the previous year is a let down. Ugly sweater is a classic, but sometimes classics aren’t always the best options. Instead of doing pj day and ugly sweater day every year I think we could switch it up to keep the themes new and the students interested in dressing up.

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Other schools, like Catholic Memorial High School, have toga day, superhero day, and they also have each grade designated a color. Other schools don’t go with the traditional dress up themes for their homecomings. They want to keep it fun and unpredictable to keep students involved. I believe that if Arrowhead changed up the themes from year to year they would get a large school turnout for participation in the homecoming themes during the week.