Case Study: Harley-Davidson: The Spirit of America

Harley-Davidson should consider modernizing the technology used In Its motorcycles while at the same time maintaining their retro look.

Harley lack of innovation has tarnished the brand’s image, especially to younger consumers. The Chevrolet Camera, Dodge Challenger, and Ford Mustang have all revived classic body styles in their latest model redesign. However, modern technology was incorporated into these models, so while they look similar to classic automobiles of the past, they have all the bells and whistles of a modern car.

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Harley has emphasized having its tricycles resembled those of the company’s storied past, however they have done so by not updating certain components of the bikes, and by keeping old technologies in their new bikes.

Although the vintage look and feel is appealing to its loyal followers, Harley should modernize the technology used in its bikes in order better compete with its Japanese competitors. If Harley can do this without affecting the retro look and distinct sound that a Harley exhaust makes, then Harley would be able to attract new customers that value performance and modern technology, while not alienating its current customer base.

The Women of Harley According to the video that present about the women at Palm Spring, California. Women are increasingly becoming more interested in riding motorcycles. They now form 40% of new Buyer In merchandise. This number doubled In the past decade, and continues to climb.

Part of this Increase In female customers was attributed to Harley requiring its dealers to transform their grimy bike shops into retail emporiums. Harley should make more of an effort to market to women, because they present a huge number of potential customers.

Harley should offer models that are specifically designed for women, and that Harley should offer riding programs to women who may be interested In motorcycles but too intimidated to try riding them. Although women present a great opportunity for the company, Harley must find a way to market to them without alienating their current customer base. The Grandkids Family: Appeal to a Younger People There three generation have been ridding Harley-Davison to enjoy their journey.

Harley-Davidson must find a way to appeal to younger people without devaluing the brand.

Harley has been extremely successful appealing to the Baby Boomer market with their luxurious, heavyweight, cruising motorcycles. Younger generations favor the faster, smaller, cheaper motorcycles offered by Japanese companies. These lighter, sportier, and less expensive motorcycles appeal to the 25 to 34 year old male demographic. Currently, Harley sells almost two and a half times more heavyweight motorcycles per year than the number of lightweight motorcycles sold by all manufacturers combined.

Harley has yet to successfully address this Issue, and as a result, they have little appeal to younger motorcycle customers, and their customer ease continues to get older.

Harley needs to develop motorcycles Tanat attract younger buyers to maintain its long-term market share, while not alienating its core customer base. Harley needs to do this by launching model families that compete in the lightweight motorcycle market that are comparable in price, performance, and size to lightweight Japanese motorcycles.