Besides Harley Davidson Harley Davidson Case Study

Company started providing customers a variety of their products (different models and colors of bikes). Besides Harley Davidson always developed, they made high-quality and appealing products.

Company also comprised four segments which made their products better and more competitive. Their improved production process by introducing ‘Materials as Needed”. They also came up with an idea of entering brand image into garments and other accessories.

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Harley Davidson offered also customized motorcycles to its customers. Pricing: H-D focused on Value for money’ pricing. They used materials which could be rebuilt.

Company was also careful about quantity of products they made. They produced so many they really could sell. Company developed closer relationships and contracts with only a limited number of suppliers. Management of H-D requested also the US government to levy a higher tariff on the Imported motorcycles. Distribution (Place): In 1993 a sales service agreement was developed by the company and the Dealer Advisory Council.

This agreement governed the relationship between H-D and Its dealers.

They also sold their products to the Overseas Military Sales Corporation. Promotion: The products of were sold to retail customers mainly through dealer promotions, customer events and advertising through national television, print, radio, direct mailings, and through advertising on the Internet. H-D also sponsored racing activities and special promotional events and kook part in many major motorcycle consumer shows and rallies. 4.

Identify Harley Division’s target segments and discuss the deferent needs, background characteristics and behaviors of the deferent segments.

Harley Davidson comprised four segment: -standard, which focused on simplicity and cost -performance, which concentrated on handling and acceleration -touring, wince Touches on comfort Ana Tactless Tort long-distance travel -custom, which focused on styling and individual owner customization The touring segment of the weights motorcycle market comprised motorcycles which were equipped with fairings, windshields, saddlebags, and Tour Pack luggage carriers for traveling longer distances.

A major portion of H-Ad’s revenues were generated from the touring and custom motorcycles. 5. What is Harley Division’s competitive position? Harley Davidson focuses on value for money pricing. Company produce also high quality heavyweight steel bikes for a premium price. 6.

What new segments doe Harley Davidson wish to access? Four segments: standard, performance, touring, custom.